Product Rename and Public Beta Webinar - July 3rd



Join us for an exciting webinar on Wednesday July 3rd!

With all the progress we've made during Tank's private beta phase and Siggraph approaching, we're thrilled to announce we can remove the restrictions and expand the beta, getting our tools in the hands of more clients.  As part of this, we have some changes to the product structure that we need to roll out officially, and in the same way that Revolver was the working name for what became Screening Room, Tank will be our working name for the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit (Sgtk), part of a unified Shotgun suite that helps track, schedule, review, collaborate, and manage your production data.

This is a big change, but an important one as we move forward.  We've scheduled a webinar for Wednesday July 3rd at 10am PST to talk through all of the details and timelines, including the v0.14 core release that kicks off our public beta phase. 

We are taking every measure possible to ensure backwards compatibility during the transition period, but please note that some of the non-core changes will start to roll out before the webinar so we can continue to provide support for existing functionality without having to hold anything back based on the webinar and core release date. The "Tank" engine menus will be renamed to "Shotgun", and we are slowly starting to replace references to Tank throughout our code and apps.

New and improved Integration


In addition to the product discussion, the webinar also cover some new development on the engine and app side that our Pipeline team has readied: With a big hat tip to Cluster Studio, the Hiero Engine is ready for the community to dive into and we will be demoing some new Hiero apps to show it off! Furthermore, keeping with the theme of unifying parts of Shotgun, we will show off some new hooks for Nuke Multi Publish that help create versions in Shotgun with media for review in Screening Room.

As always, the webinar will be recorded and posted here for later viewing, but we hope to see you in attendance! 

To register for the webinar on Wednesday July 3rd at 10am PST email Rebecca on



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    Michael Jackson

    With the name change, is there going to be a command name change as well? Will we be typing "tank --help", or "sgtk -help"?

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    Manne Öhrström

    Hello Michael!

    Good Question! Since there are a lot of places where the word Tank is being used, we are doing a phased rollout. In the first wave, which we are just wrapping up now, the tank command will still be called the tank command. We will then add a new shotgun command that will live side by side with the tank command for a while. Finally, we will start encouraging clients to turn the tank command off and only use the shotgun command. We are trying to make this rename process as painless and backwards compatible as possible for existing clients so the tank command will be around for as long as you need it to be! :)

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