Multi Publish and Work Files: New Configuration is ready!

Big thanks to everyone who joined us for our webinar today!  We hope you're as excited to get your hands on the new Multi Publish and Work Files apps as we are in releasing them.  As promised in the webinar, we have pushed out a new default configuration that you can pick up and start a new project with.  This configuration will grab all of the new apps and give you a basic working setup that you can try out with Nuke.  All you need to do is run the script with 'tk-config-default', which will connect to the app store, download the latest default configuration, and ask you which project you'd like to set up.  Choose a project and Tank will take it from there!


For those of you who want to move an existing project to the new configuration then please get in touch with us at tanksupport@shotgunsoftware so we can help make sure the migration goes through smoothly.



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