It's coming this Thursday - Tank v0.13!

We're really excited about the next release coming out this week and judging by the sign up rate so are you guys! We've been so overwhelmed by the amount of people interested in Thursday's webinar that we've juggled a few things around so we could wrangle a bit more space so anyone who's free can join us. For those of you who have already emailed me to sign up to the webinar, you'll get an email from GoToWebinar confirming the details you'll need for Thursday. If you haven't signed up yet and want to take a look at all the new features then click on this link to register.  Remember the webinar is scheduled for this Thursday, 18th April at 10am PST / 6pm BST.

Also, I couldn't help include another screengrab of the work we've been doing - we'll obviously talk through it on Thursday but with the release of Pipeline Configurations in v0.13 you'll be able to choose which configuration you want to use (for a project) when accessing the Tank Action menu in Shotgun! 




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