Webinar Invite: Thursday 12th December



Join us for our last webinar of 2013! 

With the year drawing to a close, we'd like to invite everyone to join us for a webinar to show off some of the work we've done on the pipeline front this quarter.  In particular, we wanted to take folks through the Perforce integration and Toolkit workflow we've got up and running, which we're looking to launch into private beta next year.  We also have new updates to our Hiero integration and our base Toolkit apps to show as well.

Plus, we've made great strides with the official Cut Schema design for Shotgun and would love to show you what we're currently thinking and get feedback from the community to help finalize the setup.

As always, we'll record the session for those who can't make it to the webinar and post it here afterward.

Register here for the upcoming webinar on Thursday December 12th at 10am PST

(Double check your local timezone here)

Thanks to all who attended! We'll be posting a video of the session shortly for those who missed it  



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