Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit v0.14 is here!

We are pleased to announce Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit Core v0.14! This is now live in our app store and existing users can upgrade to it using the normal upgrade commands. This is an exciting release for us as it also marks the beginning of our Public Beta Phase! As with all our major releases, Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit  v0.14 is fully backwards compatible with previous releases. 

The release is relatively small, and apart from rebranding code and UIs (from Tank to Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit), it adds features to allow studios to use the new standardized publish entities that were recently introduced in Shotgun.  Toolkit v0.14 contains a command that can be run to migrate publishes in existing projects to the new standardized Shotgun entities.  Note that this migration is manual, so you can choose the right time to run it.  Don't worry - upgrading to v0.14 will not automatically convert your publish data to the new standardized Shotgun publishes!  We've created detailed instructions on the Published File entity migration that accompanies the core release to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns about the upgrade/migration, feel free to reach out to us via or post a question publicly

Are you interesting in trying our the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit? Click here to learn how to get started!


Missed our v0.14 webinar kickoff?

Thanks to everyone who attended our Public Beta webinar yesterday!  We know that some of you didn't get a chance to join us so we've also posted the session here for those who missed out.  If you're looking to jump straight to a specific section, here are some time markers:

00:00  Intro (Don)
02:40  New Documentation (Manne)
08:03  Product Rename & v0.14 (Don / Ryan)
16:05  Shotgun Hiero Integration  (Rob)
28:07  Nuke Review Integration (Patrick)
33:37  What's Next: Softimage & Houdini!  (Ryan)
36:27  Public Beta (Don / Ryan)
42:19  Siggraph (Don)
44:36  Q & A 

It was great to talk through the changes and additions we've made recently, as well as discuss some of the development that's on our roadmap both leading into Siggraph and beyond.  In particular, we're very keen to grow the development community and hope you share in our excitement!

And finally, don't forget we'll be at Siggraph and hosting the Shotgun Pipeline User Group on Wednesday July 24th at 2pm in Room 213A, so please come along as we'd love to see you. 




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