Documentation Revamped



It’s been a busy last few months and our focus has been mainly on feature development.  Now that v0.13 has been out for a while and we're close to wrapping up v0.14, we decided it was high time to revisit some of our documentation!

We’ve given our documentation site a makeover, reorganizing the information that was already there to make finding things easier and enhancing it with new pages highlighting more functionality details.  There's a fresh new tutorial explaining how Tank works, as well as an examples section focused on how to set up common workflows.  We also added an overview of all the Engines and Apps we have for Tank.  Do you have a use case you would like to share with the Tank community and/or one you would like us to cover?  If so, please reach out to us in the comments or via  We'd love to highlight real world examples from clients and continue posting examples that are directly useful so all feedback is welcome!



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