GDC 2013: Perforce & Games Proof of Concept


We were thrilled to attend this year's GDC (Games Developers Conference) and connect with some amazing people from some of the leading Games companies to listen and discuss the problems they’re trying to solve in their Games production pipelines. Since then, we’ve been working to put together our own game plan (no pun intended!) and leveraging the Games expertise on the team, namely Alan Dann! Alan spent an impressive 13 years working at Sony Computer Entertainment in London and he's talked us through the world of source control, focusing particularly on Perforce and how it’s used in the Games industry.

This has given us a great opportunity to think through how Tank and Shotgun could help with tracking and managing source control data within a Games production pipeline, especially in relation to kinds of production data typically found in Shotgun. These discussions led to a desire to produce a proof of concept that could be reviewed in the community to see if what we were thinking was in the right direction and a good starting point. Rob Blau, Shotgun's Head of Pipeline, put it together, creating a Perforce trigger that pushes information about revisions into Shotgun and links them to the correct entities based on Tank's folder schema configuration (which lines up to the structure in source control). Take a look through Rob's screencast and you’ll see how straightforward it can be to organize and map the information from Peforce into a standard Shotgun workflow, making it easier for everyone to find the information they need to get the job done.

This is only the start, and we are really keen to build on this proof of concept going forward. We would love to get as much feedback as we can on how Perforce (or any other source control software) is incorporated into your workflow and how we can make it easier to integrate with. Let us know your thoughts through email (tanksupport@shotgunsoftware) or take the conversation over to the Perforce forum on our Community site!



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