Announcing Tank v0.13

It's been a long time coming, and after a thorough QA process, Tank v0.13 has arrived!  Our goal with the latest platform update was to make Tank more flexible yet simpler to configure, so you can easily tailor it to each project's specific workflow.  Here are a few highlights of new things you can look forward to when you upgrade:

  • Pipeline Configurations are introduced, which define both the configuration and location on disk for each project.
  • The Pipeline Configurations allow admins to safely develop, test, and roll out new core, app, and configuration updates to Production.
  • Pipeline Configurations are also an entity in Shotgun, making it easier to manage configurations within a project.
  • A Tank command is introduced for use in the shell, which can, among other things, launch applications, publish work, etc. 
  • Apps with Qt UIs can be called from within the shell engine.
  • Tank's "multi" apps can now be used inside Shotgun. 

Also, we're especially excited to announce that v0.13 has the ability to run Tank Actions using Shotgun's new browser plugin instead of the Java applet.  For the moment, Tank supports both the browser plugin and Java - the core API will first check to see if you have the browser plugin installed, and if it can't be found, fall back on Java.  But, this marks the beginning of our transition to a Java-free world.  The browser plugin is now in public beta, so if you're interested in setting it up for your studio, please see the plugin's repository in GitHub.  All the details you need can be found there, and if you'd like to learn more about the official release schedule for the plugin (and Java), head over to the Shotgun blog

Upgrading to Tank v0.13 wil require a migration, which is handled automatically by the core API updater.  We want to ensure the transition goes smoothly for everyone, so if you have any questions, concerns, or problems with your upgrade, you can always give us a shout at

Thanks for your patience with this one - we hope you find it was worth the wait! 



The Tank Team 




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