Webinar Recording: Pipeline Configuration and Multi Publish

Big thanks to everyone who attended our April webinar and of course, our special guest, Andrew Bunday from Baseblack!

For those who missed it or want to take a second look, our recording is now available.  If you're looking to jump straight to a specific section, here are some time markers:

00:00  Intro (Rebecca)
01:30  Pipeline Configuration (Manne)
15:50  Nuke Multi Publish Workflow (Ryan)
23:40  Published File Entity Rename (Rebecca)
24:30  Baseblack Maya Multi Publish Workflow (Andrew)
30:20  Baseblack Client Delivery Workflow (Andrew)
36:00  Shotgun 5.0 (Don)
43:45  What's Next (Ryan)
45:30  Q & A (Team)

See you at the next webinar!



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