Hiero Tank Engine


As we mentioned in the last Tank webinar, our friends at Cluster Studio have kicked off development on a Hiero engine for Tank and contributed it for sharing amongst the Tank community.  With the engine in place, we're now in a position to start discussions with clients on Hiero apps and workflow, so we're putting a call out to interested folks!  We're hoping to organize a group discussion on Hiero very soon and we've also reached out to the Foundry product team to join us, as they are eager to participate in the chat(s) to hear more about how Hiero should fit into people's pipelines.  If you'd you'd like to join in on this discussion and/or check out the Hiero engine for yourself, drop us a line to get things rolling!  We'll also of course keep everyone updated on our Hiero progress through the blog here and in future webinars.

Huge thanks to Armando, Rodrigo, Hasiel, and the entire team at Cluster Studio for pushing Hiero forward!



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