Tank v0.12 Update

We are currently in the middle of the Tank 0.12 release so I thought I'd just give everyone a quick update of what our focus is for the Tank 0.12 release. We are planning to push it out towards the end of next week and here are the main things we were planning to include on the core side:

  • Improved Sequence API – Currently Tank's handling of image sequences isn't ideal so we are adding some functionality to make it easier to manage image sequnces.
  • Configs in the App Store – We are adding Configurations as a separate entity in the App Store, meaning that it is much easier for us to manage them in an agile way with updates and documentation. We can also push out individual configs and workflows to clients much more easily.
  • Hot Reload – Apps and Engines can now be easily reloaded without having to restart Maya or Nuke.
  • Frameworks – We are introducing frameworks in Tank - these are libraries that contain shared functionality. This should make it much easier and quicker to build apps and reuse code.  We are starting to build a widget framework for shared UI functionality.

In addition to these bigger changes to the platform, there will be lots of bug fixes and improvements to engines and apps. We'll keep you posted!



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