Welcome invitation link expiration


To help ensure that only valid Users gain access to Shotgun, welcome invitation links emailed to newly-created people have an expiration.  This way, if an invitation is for whatever reason not accepted in a timely manner, an unauthorized person will not be able to try and use the link later on.  Shotgun's welcome invitation links can only be used once.  After the User accepts the invitation, it can not be used again, and clicking on it will take the User to the Shotgun login screen.

Request a New Invitation Link

Even though the welcome invitation links expire, new Users who didn't accept in time can request a new link themselves as long as their accounts are still active in Shotgun.  Simply clicking the Request Invitation Link button on the expired invitation page will send the User an email with a fresh new working link.


Invalid invitation links

Admins can also disable a new User via the status field before the User accepts the invite.  When this happens, the User will not be able to request a new invitation since his/her account is no longer valid.




The duration that welcome invitation links remain valid can be adjusted in the Site Preferences.  Under the Advanced section, find the New User Invite Expiry (hours) setting.  Shotgun allows three options to choose from:

  • 48 hours.
  • 72 hours (Default).
  • 168 hours (a.k.a. 1 week).

Welcome invitation links must expire.  Shotgun does not allow them to remain valid forever.