Shotgun's Python API enables you to interface with the system at a very fundamental level. Through it you can create automated processes, integrate with many third party software packages, and communicate with existing tools within your studio. Shotgun also comes packaged with the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit which gives you a number of plug-and-play pipeline integration options, as well as a platform on which to build more functionality between Shotgun and your other critical third-party apps.



Q: Do I have to pay extra to use the API?

A: No, use of the API is included for free with Shotgun.

Q: Where can I find the API?

A: The API is hosted on Github.

Q: Are there any example scripts I can use?

A: On the GitHub wiki we have both getting started tutorials and advanced examples.

Q: Is there a developer community?

A: Yes! We have a vibrant community of Shotgun developers who are happy to discuss implementation techniques and share code. Join the discussion here.



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