Create and manage API scripts

Follow the steps below to create a new Script:

  1. Go to the Admin Menu and select “Scripts”.
  2. Create a new Script using the “+ Script” button.
  3. Grab the value from the Application Key. You’ll need this to initiate a connection to Shotgun.
    Application key
    Note: API keys are treated like passwords, and once created cannot be viewed again via the Shotgun web app or API. Make sure you copy the key before proceeding.
  4. Now you can use your Script key to connect to Shotgun. See “Shotgun Methods” in our API documentation to learn more about how to connect to Shotgun with your Script.
Pro tip: If for some reason you need to reset the Application Key of your Script, you’ll need to create a new Shotgun Script entity to do so. First rename your existing Script to something like “[My Script]—OLD”, then delete it. Create a new Script. The reason you need to rename the old one is that Shotgun requires unique names for each Script.

When to set up a new Script

Script actions can be logged. The more fine-grained the use of individual Script keys, the easier it will be for you to track which Script is making changes for debugging. Having separate Scripts is also a good way to track which Scripts will be impacted by changes on your Shotgun site and who maintains the Script.



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    Ashley Canning

    This does not tell me how to upload scripts to shotgun. Only to create an API key.

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    Simon Clarke

    Deleted my previous comment after talking to someone with a better comprehension of Shotgun.

    If I understand correctly, this has nothing to do with creating a new script - one is creating a script key for accessing/interfacing with Shotgun, for reasons of security and tracking what is doing what? You can use this key in any number of pieces of code or not at all.

    Not convinced this page makes that clear.



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