Shotgun + Deadline Overview



The Shotgun+Deadline integration allows you to automatically submit rendered Versions to Shotgun complete with thumbnail, links to frames, and other metadata. An overview is provided here but  complete docs and info are available on the Deadline website at

Once you enable Shotgun integration in the Deadline monitor, when you submit a new job, just select a Shotgun Task or entity that the job is for, choose a name for the Version (or select one of the default naming options), and submit. Deadline will create the new Version immediately in Shotgun and update its status as the job runs and completes. This way you can see exactly what the status of your pending Versions are right from Shotgun. Additionally, the Shotgun information is also stored with the job inside the Deadline Monitor which allows you to view important context with each job.

The initial Shotgun Version entity will have the following fields set when the job is submitted:

  • Version Name
  • *Description
  • Link
  • *Task
  • Artist
  • Status
  • First Frame
  • Last Frame
  • Frame Range
  • Frame Count
  • Path To Frames
  • **Job ID

When the job completes, the Version is updated with additional information including:

  • Status (updated)
  • Thumbnail
  • ** Total Render Time
  • ** Avg Frame Time
* If provided
** Shotgun Versions don't have a standard field to track this information by default, but you can easily add your own fields if you want to see this info.

Alternately, you can configure Deadline to only create the Version when the job completes. See their documentation for more info on how to do that.


Installation & Configuration

The Shotgun integration is included in Deadline versions 5.1+. 


You can configure which Version fields in Shotgun should store each piece of information. Generally the defaults should be fine for most studios, however if you need to store information in a non-standard field, you can easily change these defaults.

Some information doesn't have a corresponding standard field by default in Shotgun. You can create your own fields to track this information and specify what those fields are in the configuration.

  • Job ID: (Text) the render job id assigned by Deadline
  • Total Render Time: (Number) the total (wall clock) time in seconds the render took to complete.
  • Avg Frame Time: (Number) the average time each frame took to render in seconds.


You can configure different statuses to be set during the job progression. Since by default the Version is created when you submit the job, this allows you to see the state of your jobs right from Shotgun. Version statuses can be set at the following points:

  • Job submitted
  • Job started
  • Job finished
  • Job requeued
  • Job failed


More Info

Detailed information about all of the configuration options are available on the Deadline website at

For more information about Deadline's Draft integration with Shotgun, go here:



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