How do I manage desktop notifications in Chrome?

With Chrome, you can enable Shotgun desktop notifications.

Enabling desktop notifications for inbox items using Chrome

In Chrome and from the Inbox in Shotgun, a blue banner will appear asking if it is all right to display desktop notifications. If you would like to receive desktop notifications while using Chrome, click “Okay” and you will begin to receive them. If you do not see the blue banner prompt, skip to the next step.

Chrome notification

Managing desktop notifications for inbox items using Chrome

If you missed the blue banner prompt for displaying desktop notifications, or if you would like to disable or enable them, here are some simple steps on how to manage them within the Chrome browser.

  1. In the Chrome address bar, go to (or copy and paste) chrome://settings.
    Chrome settings
  2. Search for "notification" and then click on Content Settings under Privacy.
    Chrome content settings
  3. Under “Pop-ups,” choose to “Manage exceptions.” While managing exceptions, you can choose which sites to allow notifications.
    Chrome exceptions
  4. If the site is not already listed you can add to the “Pop-up exceptions” by adding the URL.
    Chrome pop up

To learn more about the Shotgun inbox, read “Inbox and Following.”



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