Inbox and following

The Inbox allows you to see activity on all the things that are important to you and your work. Through the concept of following, you can receive notifications when new Notes, Versions, Publishes, or other important changes are made on things that are related to your work.

Whenever you receive a new message, it will automatically appear in the left pane and you’ll receive a notification.

Note: If you are using the latest release of Chrome or Safari, you can also receive a notification pop-up.

Selecting the message will load its details in the right pane and mark the message as read.

Using the Inbox

When looking at the top of the Inbox, you'll see a handful of tools designed to be fast and allow you to digest the information you need to get your work done as quickly as possible. Hover on the image below to see explanations of the tools.

Pro tip: You can also mark multiple notes read or unread to help you get to Inbox Zero. Select the messages you would like to mark as read, right click, and select “Mark Read.”

Replying to Notes

When viewing a Note update, reply to the Note by clicking on the “Add a reply…” area at the bottom of the Note thread.

What will appear in your Inbox

You receive updates in your Inbox based on two things: what you’re following and your follow settings. To adjust your follow settings, click on the drop-down menu from your profile picture, in the upper right corner. Choose Account Settings and select “My Following Settings.” Once in your following settings, you can fine-tune the updates you receive. The left column provides options for when you receive updates on creation events (such as a new Note, Version, or Publish), while the right column is for selecting when an update is received whenever a field is updated (such as when a Status is changed on an Asset you’re following).

Note: If you are not following a particular entity type, the options for it will not appear in your settings page.


In order to see updates in your Inbox, you need to first follow the thing you’re interested in. To follow an update, click on the “Follow” button, located on the top right of any entity detail page. Once you’re following something, you’ll receive a notification in your Inbox whenever there is an update, such as a new Note, Version, or Publish.

Options for following

  • If you’re looking for something specific to follow, you can search for it with the global search and click the "Follow" button from the list of results.
    Follow from search
  • You can also follow an entity from a Detail, Thumbnail, or List view by right-clicking the entity and selecting “Follow Selected.”
  • Last, if you are assigned to a Task, you are automatically following that Task.

Enable following on creation events and updates

Admins can define which entity events, such as a new Version or a Publish, are followable on a site. You define which entities are followable by heading to the Site Preferences > Entities page and then selecting which creation events you’d like enabled on each entity.

Once an entity is set up to create events, Admins can further refine what users can follow via the Global Follow Settings page under the Admin drop-down menu in the upper right.

Similar to the Follow Settings a user can access via their Inbox, the Global Follow Settings page sets what those users see on their own Follow Settings page:

Global follow settings

Updating email notifications

You can receive an email notification at the same time you receive an update in your Inbox. Access these settings via the “Email Notification Settings” from your Account Settings page.

Note: You can subscribe to Notes and Updates in your Inbox, but the rest of the options are legacy.

Using the Inbox for review

Screening Room is directly integrated into the Inbox. First, to receive updates about when a new Version is ready for review, follow the person who’s creating the Versions you want to know about. You can follow people from the People page by right-clicking and then selecting “Follow Selected.”

Now, whenever that person creates a new Version, you’ll receive an update in your Inbox that displays a playable thumbnail you can launch in the Overlay Player. From the Overlay Player, use the note and annotation tools to comment on the work.

Overlay player

When you’re done commenting, hit the escape key or click outside of the Overlay Player to return to the Inbox. Press the refresh button to remove the now viewed Version notification from your Inbox.



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    Is there a way to change your "My Inbox" view/layout? For example, under other items such as "Sequences," your able to switch between, detail, thumbnail and list views. It would be great to be able to have the option to change views/layouts for your inbox as well. It's difficult to see the entire subject/task line with the way it's set up. Obviously all you have to do is click on the item and you'll see it on the right pane but some folks like different configurations. Please advise. 

  • 3
    Dave Cook


    I would really like to be able to filter my inbox per project - currently working on four and the notes are all mixed up in the inbox... what am I missing?




  • 1
    Tony Hudson

    I have two questions related to following: Is it possible to follow a status? Looking for a way to notify an editor when an animatic shot is approved for editorial. I've created a custom status (good for editorial) and need either a trigger for the status or a way for the editor to follow.

    Secondly, for emails that are sent-- can I configure the subject line to include both the shot name and the sequence?



  • -1
    Drew Northcott

    Is it possible to set up the system so that creating an asset, (or duplicating an existing asset) sets the creating user to follow that asset automatically?   i.e. without them having to manually hit the "follow" button?

    If not could that be put in as an option, a "follow on creation" tickbox?


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    Andranik Taranyan

    Is there any way to notify artists of certain field changes for shots that they are assigned to? For example if the length of the shot changes or if the description of a shot is updated I would like a notification to go out without them having to follow the shot and flood their inbox with a notification every time a status changes.

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