Configure Task Templates

As an Admin, you can configure what Tasks are applied within a Task Template to easily populate your schedule.

Setting up Task Templates

To set up a Task Template to use on Shots:

  1. Go to the settings menu (found under your user icon in the upper right of the screen) and choose Task Templates.
  2. Create a new Task Template by clicking on the “+ Task Template” button. Fill out the required fields and click “Create Task Template.”
  3. The new template will appear on the Task Template page. Select your template, and then select the Tasks Tab.
  4. Create a few Tasks that happen on each Shot (e.g., Layout, Animation, Lighting, etc). For these Template Tasks, you can treat the field values like defaults. For example, you can give each Task a “Task Name”, “Pipeline Step”, and “Duration” because those will be the same across Shots, but you might want to keep the “Start” and “End” fields blank, because those will be different for each Shot. You can always change any of the defaults once you have assigned the Template to an entity.
    Task template
Pro tip: You can also add dependency links between Tasks in the Template, and those will be maintained when the Template is applied to an actual entity.

Now when you assign a Task Template to your Shots, Shotgun will automatically create Tasks for each Shot that uses the Template. To assign a Task Template to a Shot, navigate to the Shots page, and then expose the Task Template field.

Template field

Once the field is showing, click into the field, and choose the appropriate Task Template for that Shot. You can also select multiple Shots, and assign Task Templates in bulk.

You can apply a Task Template to any entity in Shotgun that has Tasks enabled.

Note: Any Admin user can enable Tasks on an entity in the Site Preferences under Entities. Expand the entity you wish to edit and activate the option, “Enable Tasks on this entity.”

Updating Task Templates

If you find that you need to add new Tasks to one of your Task Templates, you can propagate those changes out to the Shots, Assets, etc., that are using that Task Template. Note that this is, by design, a non-destructive process—updating existing Entities using that Task Template will only push new Tasks to those Entities, and will not overwrite existing Task data. For example, if you change a field value on a Task that’s already in the Template, that is treated as the new default value for any new entities you assign that Task Template to. It will not overwrite the values you may already have customized in the entities already using that Template when you push out an update.

As an Admin, to push out new Tasks for a Task Template, go to the Task Templates page under the settings menu.

Select the Task Template and make any necessary modifications.

Pro tip: Select the number in the ‘Tasks’ field to pull up a focus window and stay on the Task Template page.

Select your Task Template and right-click to select “Update entities with new tasks…”

Update task template

Now select the Project you want to apply the changes to, hit update, and you’re done!

Update tasks



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    Robert Durnin

    Hey Matt, and thanks. Will the 'Update entities...' menu item change durations on existing tasks whose template has been modified? I have been pushing changes on a development template and am not seeing updates to the schedule after modifying the entry.




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