Tracking Overview

Q: Where can I see all the available entities?

A: If you are an Admin user, then in the User Settings menu (the one in the top right corner with your user thumbnail), you will see a link for the "Site Preferences" page. Expand the section called "Entities" and you will find the entire list of available entities. From here you can activate, deactivate, rename, or configure these entities. Just be aware that the changes you make here affect the whole server, so you might want to make sure no other Projects are using an entity before you decide to deactivate it! Read more about Site Preferences here.

Q: What do I do if I need to track something that there isn't already an entity for?

A: Just activate one of the custom entities that come with Shotgun. You can turn them on and rename them to whatever makes sense for what you need to track. You can also add your own fields and create pages of these custom entities, just like with regular entities. You can even make entity or multi-entity link fields that connect the custom entities to other entities in Shotgun. Read more about entities here.

Q: What if I don't need all the entities, fields, steps, or statuses in my project?

A: You can customize which entity types, fields, pipeline steps, and statuses appear in your project from "Tracking Settings". You'll be able to hide each of these things per project so that only the relevant information shows. Learn more about Tracking Settings here.

Q: Why can't I save the focus window changes?

A: There are few layout adjustments that won't save into the focus windows, and that includes Grouping, Filtering and certain field visibility. This is because the focus windows are partly generated in a dynamic way (where the grouping and filtering is dictated by the graph widget). Those dynamic values cannot be overwritten by a saved layout change.



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