Sorting and grouping

With Shotgun, you can easily sort and group information.


You can organize your data with a single click. Click on the column header for any field when you're in List View mode to sort the rows by that column:


You can also sort by more than one column. For example, if you want to sort by Status so that all the finals are together, and then by Shot Number so that they're in Shot order, right-click on the column header you want to sort by and choose “Advanced Sorting.”  

You'll get a dialogue box that lets you choose up to three different columns that you can sort by. Each column can be in either ascending or descending order.


Grouping can be useful for breaking a large amount of data into manageable chunks or for collapsing data into expandable groups.

To make it easy to quickly group use the Group menu. Screen_Shot_2013-07-27_at_18.46.09.png 

If you want to group by more than one field use the Advanced Grouping. Screen_Shot_2013-07-27_at_18.46.49.png

With Advanced Grouping you can group by type.

As an example, you can group Assets based on whether they are a Character, Environment, or Prop.