Creating and managing Projects

It all starts with a project. This could be an animated film, a visual effects job, a game, or any other logical container that has its own Shots, Assets, Levels, Tickets, Sequences, Elements, and so forth.

Creating a project

From the projects page, it's easy to make a new project. Just click on the blue + button.

Project button

Enter in your project name and choose a template to use as the default settings for your new project.

Create project

Managing your projects

Projects menu

Click on the Projects menu in the Global Nav bar to display a list of your recently visited and favorite projects. Hover over each project to access a list of links to things you’re tracking, like Shots and Assets.

Projects menu

Project page

From the Manage Projects page you can view, edit, and create fields associated with your projects. You can access the Project page via the Projects menu:

Manage projects

Project templates

When creating a new project, you can either use a project template, or you can duplicate an existing project.

Note: You can also archive projects you would like hidden from your site.


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