Your People


The People page

The People page is where you'll find the details for all of the Users for your studio. In licensing terms, these are the User accounts under subscription. Each Person has a Name, Login, Status, Password, and ideally, a Thumbnail. From this global page, you can add new people to your Shotgun site and manage existing user accounts. From a Project-specific People Page, you can see all the same information filtered down to just the people assigned to that Project.



Each User is either active or disabled. Active users have access to Shotgun and are the users that you will be charged for in your monthly billing.


The Password field allows you to reset credentials for Users who may have lost theirs. By default, Shotgun will email the User a clickable link that in turn allows him/her to create a new password. You can also set the new password explicitly. In this scenario, Shotgun will still email the User to notify him/her of the password change and that you will be the one to communicate the new password.

Permission Group

Each user belongs to a single Permission Group. The Permission Group determines what the user can (and can’t) see and do in Shotgun. The default Permission Groups are Admin, Manager, and Artist. If desired, you can tweak the settings and/or create new groups to provide special access for Supervisors, Executives, Clients, etc.


Add a Project name to the Projects field on a Person to link them to that Project. This will allow the User to access that Project’s data if you have 'See Assigned Projects Only' checked under Advanced Permissions.

Create a new Person

To add someone to your Shotgun site from the People page, click + Person in the top menu, fill out the form, and click Create Person.

As mentioned above, these are the typical attributes you'll need to specify:

  • First Name and Last Name: The name of the Person you want to add.
  • Login: The User login, this has to be unique.
  • Email: This is where we'll send the welcome invitation any subsequent email notifications.
  • Permission Group: Choose from the predefined list.
  • Projects: If you already know which Project(s) a User needs access to, you can link them at creation time.
  • Password: As mentioned above, Shotgun will email the User a clickable link to create a password but you can also set the new password explicitly (be sure to communicate this to the User!). Either way, you'll need to make it strong enough to comply with our strong password standards (MPAA-compliant). 
  • Send a welcome email: Shotgun will always email the new Person upon creation with a welcome message and information on how to log in.

Accept invitation

Upon creation in Shotgun, the new User will receive a welcome email.  Typically, this email will include a clickable invitation link.  When the User accepts the invitation, Shotgun will then guide the User through creating a password to gain access to the site.

Shotgun's welcome invitation links have an expiration and can only be used once.  After the User accepts the invitation, it can not be used again, and clicking on it will take the User to the Shotgun login screen.

Reset password

When a User is locked out, you can request a new password from the login screen. An Admin can also reset his/her password to help that User regain access.  This will also remove the one-hour restriction on the account.  To reset a User's password:

  1. Locate the User's record in Shotgun.
  2. Display the Password field if it isn't already.
  3. Click Reset Password.
  4. Click Save.

This will send an email to the User with a link that guides him/her through the process of creating a new password. Note that in order to unlock a User once he/she is locked out, the password must be reset.

If a User has merely forgotten his/her password (but isn't locked out), note also that he/she can request a password reset from the login screen and a link to create a new password will be emailed to the User.


Here are some additional links related to User management that may come in handy: