Filter Panel

The Filter Panel is where you can filter results on a page. Filters allow faceted searching within a set of records to quickly narrow down large lists of information. For example, if you’re looking at a list of Shots and you select the "In Progress" status, you’ll only see Shots that are in progress.

Note: Shotgun remembers your filter selections while you’re logged in. As soon as you've logged out, the filter settings go back to the default settings that are saved with the page.

Where is the Filter Panel?

Open the Filter Panel by click on the “Filter” button, in the upper right hand corner of the page. This button appears on most pages where you have multiple results. To keep the Filter Panel pinned open, select the arrow below the “Filter” button.

Note: If you would like more screen space, you can hide the filter panel. All of your selected filters will remain active.

Filter Panel

Pro tip: If you have any filters, aside from page filters, applied to a page, the filter icon Filter icon will turn from grey to blue, even if the filter panel is stowed away. If you’re not seeing as many records as you expect, we recommend checking your saved filters.

What’s in the Filter Panel?

There are three different filters:

Page filters

Page filters are public filters visible to everyone that are saved with the page—these define the data that’s on the page, and can be a complex set of filter conditions. Page filters give quick access to commonly filtered results. For example, you might have a “Trailer Shots” page filter on a Shots page, or "Animation Tasks" on an Tasks page.

Creating a page filter

Create filter

  1. Select “New Saved Filter” and give the filter a name. Try to be as descriptive as possible when naming your filters, especially if the page is shared with others.
  2. Add the individual conditions that the Page filter describes, such as “Status is not omitted.”
  3. Click “Create.” Remember to save the page to keep your filter on the page.

Save page

Editing and deleting page filters

To edit a page filter, hover over the desired page filter and click on “Edit.” To completely delete the page filter, select Delete. Remember to save the page after to keep this new setting.

Tips for using page filters

  • You can make as many page filters as you’d like, but only one page filter can be active at any one time.
  • Give your page filters a descriptive name, especially if you plan on sharing your page with others.
  • The page filter you have active when you save the page will be saved as the default page filter, and will be pushed to the top of the Page filter list.
  • Anybody can create a page filter, but only those users with permission to save pages can save a page filter.

Filter widgets

In addition to page filters, you can visually search through the many Shots, Assets, Tasks, and other things you’re tracking in Shotgun. When you’re on a list of records, you’ll find a series of widgets you can click to filter down your results. You can also interact with your data in real-time using bar graphs and data grouping to help summarize the list of results by designing a canvas page.

Adding a filter widget to the Filter Panel

You may want to use different filters than the ones shown by default. To add other filter widgets to the Filter Panel, use the “More Filters” menu at the bottom of the Filter Panel.

Removing a widget filter

You can remove filters you don’t want using the gear menu on each filter type.

Remove filter

Tips for using widget filters

  • Selections within one filter type are OR-ed.
  • Selections between filter types are AND-ed.
  • If you add filters for different types of things (e.g., a Status and a Sequence) you’ll narrow down the list of things you see.
  • The more types of filters you add, the narrower the list gets, but if you select more options within one type of filter, you will expand the list of things you see.

"My filters"

You can also create your own personal filters that that apply to any page. Setting up a "My filter" works the same way as setting up page filters. However, you can use them on any page of that record type, and then turn them on and off dynamically just by selecting them in the Filter Panel. For example, if you make a “My Tasks” filter on an Assets page, that filter will show up in the Filter Panel on any Asset page you can see. Note that these "My filters", as the name implies, are only visible to you by default.

Creating a new "My filter"

Add a new custom filter by selecting the + button next to My Shot Filters:

My filter

Pro tip: To select multiple filters, hold down the Cmd (Mac) or Windows key before making the selection. Shotgun won’t try matching the filters until you’ve selected all of them and released the Cmd or Windows key.

Sharing "My filters"

Once you have created a custom "My filter," you can then share that filter with other users by clicking on the sharing icon.

Share filter

Quick search bar

The quick search bar to the left of the filter button acts within the current result set. Even if the Shot you’re looking for exists, if it doesn't match the filters, the search results won’t include it.

You can use the quick search bar without having to enter in any filter information. It will search on a pre-determined list of keywords.

If you can't find what you're looking for, you can add additional parameters to the search by selecting them via the small drop-down arrow in the quick-filter panel.

Search bar