The "Status" fields on Shots, Assets, Tasks, and other things are all easily configurable to match your studio's workflow. With Admin permissions, you can manage your status lists in the following ways:

To access these features, all you need to do is right-click on any Status field, in the column header, and choose "Configure Field..." from the list of options.

Asset field

Manage the sort order of statuses in the menu

The sort order you set here can also by visualized in a graph.

Create custom statuses and icons

To add a new custom Status, select “Create and add a brand new status.” A dialog box will open giving you a lot of control over the naming, icon, and background color of your new status. (You can choose to graph based on your custom status colors.)

new status

Click on the icon to launch the Icon Editor, where you can choose from an icon library or upload a custom graphic. Here are some tips for uploading your own custom icon:

  • Use a 1:1 aspect ratio
  • All uploaded icons will always be resized to 16px x 16px
  • Use transparency (preferably a PNG file, but we also support GIF) to ensure that any background color you set will show up

Please note that there isn't currently a way to get the actual icons though the API.

Modify permissions to determine who can change which statuses

You can control which users from various permission groups can change statuses from one value to another. For example, you may want Artists to be able to change Task Statuses from "Ready to Start" to "In Progress" or "Pending Review," but you would want to restrict Artists from changing a status to "Final." This can all be accomplished in the Permissions tab of the status field configuration window.

status permissions

Create, edit, and delete statuses all in one page

As an Admin, you can access the Status List page via the global navigation. This page provides a single spot to create, edit, and delete statuses.

Status list

From here, you can:

  1. Create new statuses by clicking the "+" icon to bring up the new status creation form.
  2. Delete statuses by right-clicking on the status you'd like to delete and selecting the trash icon.
    Note: System-owned statuses (which will be indicated with a lock icon) cannot be deleted, and statuses actively in use can only be deleted once you remove the status from the fields using them.
  3. Edit status icons, names, and background colors by right-clicking on one or more statuses and selecting "Edit Selected." 
    Note: Status short codes are never editable once created.

To delete custom uploaded status icons, click inside the icon field to bring up the icon editor. In the Custom Icons section, find the icon you'd like to delete and click the 'x' button.