Printing lists and pages

Shotgun supports printing of list pages, list pages with gantt, and detail pages in all supported browsers.


General guidelines

Every browser has different support for printing, and generally speaking, getting reliable results from printing complex web pages is difficult. For ease of printing configuration, we recommend using Safari, with the following settings.

Enable printing of background images and colors

This guarantees that the grid chrome, all status icons, and formatting rules will appear. In Safari, check the 'Print Backgrounds' checkbox right from the general print dialog. In Firefox, check the 'Print Background Colors' and 'Print Background Images' checkboxes in the general print dialog, when you click ‘Show Details.’ In Google Chrome, check ‘Background graphics’ under More Settings > Options.

Gantt printing

When printing task pages with the gantt pane open, your prints will be able to capture days off, gantt bar colors, milestones, and the current day (highlighted in blue)—all without turning the "Print Backgrounds" print preference on. This is because of the gantt's reliance on the canvas framework. With Chrome browsers, there's a known issue that auto-scrolls the gantt pane all the way to the left immediately following a print request, regardless of the gantt's current scrolled to position.

Set orientation to landscape

Almost all page layouts will require a landscape orientation. In Safari, this can be done in the same print dialog you configure all other settings. In Firefox, this can be done when you click ‘Show Details.’ In Chrome, this can be done when you click ‘More settings.’

Scale up or down as necessary

In Safari and Chrome, the general print dialog gives you instant visual feedback of the final printed result while you adjust the scale—which is very handy. It may take several attempts to get the settings just right.

If you have stringent printing requirements

We recommend exporting your page to Excel, and then format and print from there. If you choose to do this, there are a few formatting aspects you'll lose:

  • Status icons are exported as status codes (e.g., ip, wtg, omt)
  • Thumbnails are never exported to Excel (they're exported as paths)
  • Gantt panes are never exported (you can use the underlying data to graph in Excel)

List pages (without gantt)

Recommended settings

Safari settings list

Thumbnail mode printing

You can increase or decrease the size of each thumbnail by using the thumbnail slider on the page before you print.


List pages with gantt

Special considerations

When printing Task pages, all visible grid columns plus the viewable portion of the gantt gets printed. To optimize results, follow these guidelines:

  • Pull the gantt to the left so that it takes up as much of the content area as possible. If you don't do this, all the visible grid columns up to the gantt pane will print.
  • To ensure maximum print coverage of tasks inside the gantt pane, enlarge the timescale (e.g., right-click on the upper part of the gantt, and choose a larger timescale like 'Quarter & Month').

Recommended settings

The print preview below shows a typical schedule page printed in landscape orientation, with a timescale of Quarter & Month, and a few Task columns visible to the left of the gantt pane.

Safari settings gantt

Detail pages

Printing detail pages carries the special requirement that you adjust the layout and print configurations based on which tab is currently visible. This example shows an Asset detail page with the Tasks tab selected.

Asset detail page