Project Configuration

You can customize projects in Shotgun. Typical project configurations include:

  1. Project Navigation Pages: Controls which pages appear in the main navigation bar for the Project.
  2. Record Detail Pages: Choose the layout used to display information about each type of entity you track, such as Shots, Assets, etc.
  3. Custom Pages: Includes any page layouts you create in a Project to organize information.
  4. Tracking Settings: Settings used to determine which entities should appear in a Project, the fields, steps, and statuses used on each entity, as well as how you want to navigate each entity. You can find Tracking Settings under Project Actions > Tracking.

See "Pages" for more details on how to configure individual Pages.


You can also choose to override your current project with another template or existing project’s settings.

To update an existing Project:

  1. From any Project's Project Actions menu, choose "Change Project Configuration"
  2. Select the Project to use as the Source
  3. Choose which settings to overwrite
  4. Select next and confirm that you want to change the Project configuration


Note: Updating a Project will make permanent changes to the Project that will affect all users. This process cannot be undone.

Customizing Page layouts and Project templates