Project Templates

Project templates store the settings for your projects. When creating a new project, you can use a template to keep all your page layouts consistent.

Creating and using templates

To create a new project template based on one of your existing projects, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the project
  2. From the Project Actions menu, choose "Save as Template"
  3. Give the template a name and select “Create Template”

Your template will now show up in the “Templates” section of the new project form.

Duplicating a project

You can also choose to duplicate an existing project, and use that project’s settings when creating a new project. Right-click on the project and select “Duplicate Selected.”

Duplicate project

Managing and editing templates

Templates can be customized and kept up-to-date by copying settings from existing projects. You can work with templates the same way you work with projects.

To search or manage templates, go to the Projects page in settings menu.

Projects menu

From the Projects page, you can choose to archive any template or project.

Archive project

You can also edit templates by clicking the link for any template and editing it the way you would make changes to any other project. A blue banner will appear above template projects to let you know you’re making changes to a template and not a real project.

Edit template

For more information on how to configure a project, see “Project configuration.”

Customizing Page layouts and Project templates