Your Account Center site

Approximately a week before your evaluation ends, you should get an email from Shotgun with login credentials for our Account site. Note that this login information is different from your Shotgun site login. If you don’t see this email, you might want to check your spam filter. Otherwise, submit a ticket and we'll get it sorted out for you.

You can also access your Account Center from within your Shotgun site. Find it under the Admin menu when you click on your profile picture.

Note: If you're ready to purchase a license and haven't yet received an email with login credentials for the Account site, go to Account Center and reset your password via the "forgot your password?" link. Then you will receive an email with a new password, which you can use to log in.

Accessing the site

Shotgun Account Center is a separate site from Shotgun. To access Account Center, visit

Account Center login

Remember that your login is your email and that you have a different password than your Shotgun site.

Account Center email

Resetting your password

If you need to reset your password, simply click on the link “forgot your password?” next to the Password box. You will be taken to a page where you can change your password.

Subscription & Credit Card

Once you are logged in to Account Center, you will see four tabs: Subscription & Credit Card, Admins & Invoices, Your Company Info, and Archived Data.

Account Center Subscription

Subscription & Credit Card is where you can sign up for a Shotgun monthly subscription. You'll need to enter a credit card, and your evaluation site will become a paid site and not be torn down. All the setup work you did during your eval is maintained, so no need to start all over again.

Note that the number of users you are billed for is pulled directly from your Shotgun site. We count the number of user accounts where the Status is set to "Active" and you are billed for that number of users each month.

To reduce your subscriptions, switch Status to "Disabled" on any unneeded user accounts. You can delete the unused accounts completely, but we recommend simply disabling them. This way the data associated with that account is maintained, and you can always reactivate if you work with that person again in the future.

You can also cancel your subscription if you choose to do so. We'll be sorry to see you go though. If there's anything we can help with that might change your mind, let us know by emailing support.

Changing your credit card number

Account Center Changing Subscription

If you need to update your credit card information, click on the blue “Update Subscription” button and you will be taken to a new page, where you can fill out your billing information.

Admins & Invoices

Account Center Admins

You can manage account logins on the "Admins & Invoices" tab. With your login, you can also create account administrator logins for anyone else in your organization who may need to access or update your account information.


If you need to append any additional email addresses to receive invoices, you can add them in the Invoices box. Click on the blue “Update Emails” button when you are finished, and remember to separate emails with commas.

To view invoices, click on any invoice and you will see a full page copy.

Your Company Info

Account Center Company Info

The last tab, Your Company Info, is where you input information about your company, so that we can stay in contact with you and make sure you receive invoices. It also makes it easy for us to get in touch when we’re in your area so we can take you out for a beer!

Archived Data

Archived Shotgun event logs can be downloaded as CSV files. Please note that the links are only available for 24 hours, after which they will expire.

Account Center Archived Data

Account Center issues

If you have any trouble accessing this site, please email our email our Accounts Team ( and we'll get right back to you. We're happy to have you join the Shotgun family!