Advanced filtering

You can see an enormous amount of information in Shotgun at any one time. To help you focus on just the information you need, you can use Shotgun’s filtering tools.

There are two tools for filtering in Shotgun:

The filter panel lets you drill into a page of results to get to just a subset.

Advanced filter conditions let you build more complex filters than the filter panel allows. You can use the filter conditions when making custom filters in the filter panel or changing the filter conditions on tabs.

Note: If you can’t find a record, you may be looking at a page that has filters in place already, saved with the page.

Checking existing filters

If there are any filters on the page the Filter icon will appear blue. Filter

Select the Filter button to see which, if any, filters are on a page.

Filter panel

For canvas pages, each widget on the page can have its own filter.

Widget filter

Adding or modifying filters

You can add, remove or change any of the filters on a page or widget.

New filter     Edit filter

Below are the components of the filter conditions used to set Page Filters:

Pro tip: You can list multiple statuses in one filter. Shotgun automatically treats them as “this status, or this status, or this other status.”

Using these pieces, you can build complex filters and powerful pages.

You can also use filters to include sub-assets. To do this, create a condition for each number of levels you currently support for sub-assets. As an example, on the Shot detail page, in the Assets tab, create the following filters:

[match ANY of the following conditions:]

  • Shots | includes | Current Shot
  • Parent Assets > Shots | includes | Current Shot
  • Parent Assets > Parent Assets > Shots | includes | Current Shot
  • And so on, for as many levels of sub Assets you have.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of how to use advanced filter conditions.

For tips on how to optimize filters, see "Shotgun advanced filter performance optimization recommendations."



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    Michael Wortmann

    How would I filter for the latest version? Let's say I have five version but want to filter for the latest?

  • 0
    Ben Hadden

    Hi Michael,

    We have a feature request lined up that will help you do this:

    We're also considering adding a simpler version of this feature to the Media page in the project.

    Can you tell me where you were trying to do this and what you were trying to find specifically? It'll help me determine if either of these features will help you out.



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    I'd like see Due Date filter base on actual Date format, not Today/This Week/Next week and so on... format. Tried to set "My shot filters", but couldn't find right one. It seemed every due date need to be entered separately for filter.   

    Is there any way to see Due Date filter by Date? 



    Edited by nayeone
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    Michael Fitzpatrick

    How would one filter for latest in the context of Active Shot ABCs? I can filter for a given date, but not the latest. Something like the checkbox on the Versions tab would be really useful.

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    Christopher Stack

    Is there anyway to sort My Filters? I have a bunch and if there was at even an alpha option I could name them in a way that would sort them the way I want.

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