Customizing existing fields

An entity is something you are tracking in Shotgun, such as an Asset. The Asset entity has fields that contain information or bits or metadata. Most fields in Shotgun can be customized to meet your needs. Let's say you want to add a new option in the Type drop-down for Assets.

  1. Go to the Assets landing page in the Project. Make sure you’re in List View.
  2. Right-click on the column header for Type.
  3. Choose "Configure Field".
    Configure field
  4. A new dialogue will appear. In this dialogue you can change the field type, the field name, how the field is summarized, and the field permissions, as well as add a descriptive tooltip via the Description box. You can even delete the field. In the list of choices, type a new option, and then click “Update Field”.
    New option in field
  5. The new option is now available everywhere you see the Asset "Type" field.
    Option type in field


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    Mickael Bonfill

    I was wondering how do you manage custom fields inside Shotgun at a backend level ? I can see you have a multi tenancy structure to be able to have custom features between different tenant. I think creating new db tables by tenant will be not efficient and will come with maintenance issues. So my guess is the use of some sort of JSON Fields in your data models (supported by PostgreSQL for example). Can I have precision about this ?

    Thank you !

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