Archiving Projects

Once your team is done working on a project, you can archive it so it is hidden from your site. To archive a project, right-click on a project and select “Archive Selected Project(s).”

Archive project

What happens to archived projects

Once you archive a project, the data still exists in Shotgun but gets hidden from parts of the application:

  • Project is no longer visible in the Projects menu and search results
  • Records related to that project are no longer visible on Global Pages or from field auto-completion results


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    Milan Kolar

    It would be nice if archiving also hid all it's associated tasks, assets, shots. invisible to everyone everywhere. When we archive a project that has tasks which do not have status set to final, they keep chasing artist across the interface. If it's archived, it should really be fully archived.



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    Stephen Chiu

    Hey Milan, the new 'Archived' checkbox field does indeed hide any records related to that Project, making those shots, tasks, versions, etc. no longer visible on Global Pages and auto-completion results. I've update the documentation above to reflect this. 

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    James Gaillard


    A question regarding deleting test projects... 

    I can see the reasoning for removing the delete option on Projects as a safety measure, but as we are currently testing out pipeline scripts we are making quite a few "test" projects and now there's a big list of rubbish projects that we would like to remove. So maybe it would be useful to have an option to still delete projects once they have been archived?





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    Laura Skowronski

    Out of curiosity, is there a way to un-archive a project? Or merge previously archived projects into an unarchived project?

    My scenario is that our company made a ClientA page, archived it when the project was completed, and when another project with that same client came along, they made another page (ClientA2), then archived that, and now we have a third project with that client, and I'd like to be able to resurrect the prior projects and get them all on one client (project) page.


    Thanks for your time.

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    Tobias Pfeiffer

    +1 for being able to delete projects

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    Velimir Mlaker

    I have the same issue James Gaillard described above, namely that I'm testing the pipeline and generating a bunch of temporary test project with loads of data, and would like to be able to scrap these permanently. Would be super helpful to be able to permanently delete projects.

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    Marion Guignolle


    Same thing here, I would like to be able to fully delete tests projects.Do you plan on making this feature available again ?

    Thank you.

    Edited by Marion Guignolle
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    Velimir Mlaker

    I solved this for myself in Python with a script that archives projects and renames archived projects by adding a timestamp prefix. I'm creating a ton of short-lived projects and wanted to be able to re-use names.


    shotgun ui keeps archived projects out of the way, and I can "restore" a project if I have to. So for now not worried about lack of permanent deletion. And Shotgun continues incrementing entity IDs without problems.

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