Designing Canvas pages

The Canvas & Widget framework provides advanced layout design options for many of the pages in Shotgun.

Designing Canvas pages

To create a new Canvas page, just click on the "+" button in the top right corner of the interface, and choose "Page," then set type to Canvas.

To begin designing an existing Canvas page, select "Design Page" from the Page menu in the top right side of the screen. This puts the entire Page into "design mode".  Now you're ready to get down to business.  Here are your options:

Widget types

Here is a list of the available widgets in the widget library:

A spreadsheet-like list of details for a filtered set of records.
Task & Gantt
A list of filtered Tasks with the Gantt pane enabled.
Thumbnail grid
Displays the thumbnails for a filtered group of records.
Single Thumbnail
Displays one thumbnail for a single record, such as a Project or Person. Commonly used on a record's detail page.
New fields
A list of fields and values for a single record, such as a Project or Person.
Web Page
An embedded webpage from a URL.
Note: Make sure you are using HTTPS rather than HTTP for your URL. Also, you cannot embed web pages which block iframes. As an example, if you tried to put in as a URL, it will not work. However, Wikipedia pages will work.
A bar chart for a filtered group of records. Read more.
Task Assignment Cards
Cards containing all the information an Artist needs to see about their assigned Tasks, including the linked Entity (Shot, Asset, etc.), related Tasks by Pipeline Step, and related Notes.
My Task History
Task activity
Shows the last 5 changes to Tasks assigned to the person viewing the page.
Shows the number of days before a delivery or milestone.
A horizontal divider.
A spreadsheet-like list of details for a filtered set of records


  • 0
    Ale Santillan

    Hi is there a way that the canvas can ve related to each other, in the way that if I go down one that has the infomartion of the othere that one moves along?

    Or is there a way to change make the Task & Gant different, like instede of Task where scenes?

  • 0
    Alaz B Sen

    I want to save the settings of the widget which I have created during designing a canvas, and basically copy/utilize/use this widget in other projects too. Is there a faster way than each time creating the widget for a graph? This may speed things up a bit for reporting on production insights. 

  • 0
    Adam Benson

    Is it possible to create page widgets through python?  Some either tank or shotgun_api3 method for creating a new page widget on the web site?

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