Account settings

The "Account Settings" link is in the top right corner of every page, under your profile picture.

Account Settings

Selecting it takes you to a page where you can manage your Account, Email Notifications, and My Following Settings.

Account Settings options

Change your profile picture

Select “Change Profile Picture” or right-click anywhere in the user thumbnail area. You'll have these options:

  • If no thumbnail has been uploaded, you can:
    • Upload Thumbnail
  • If a thumbnail already exists, you can:
    • Clear Thumbnail
    • Replace Thumbnail
    • View Image

Note that the thumbnail is saved immediately, even if you cancel out of the dialog.

Change your account information

The fields visible here are configurable by an Admin, but the common fields are the following:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Login
  • Home Page
  • Password (includes a double-confirm)

Admins can choose what fields show up here by clicking on the gear menu in the top right corner of the dialog and selecting “Configure layout…”. Select “Apply” to save any layout changes.

Change your email notification settings

Shotgun can send email notifications to you based on written updates to Entities that have notes and replies (Notes, Tickets, Deliveries, Tasks, etc.). The personal settings here allow you to control when Shotgun sends email to you. Here are the current notification options:

  • Subscribe to Notes in your Inbox
  • Subscribe to Updates in your Inbox

The rest of the options are legacy, as of Shotgun 5.0. You'll only see options for notifications for the related Entities that an Admin has enabled for the site (so if you're not using Tickets, you won't see an option to subscribe to Tickets).

Email notifications

See Site Preferences to learn more about customizing legacy email notifications or watch the video below.

Please note: When Shotgun sends an email notification, it will BCC all people who should be getting the email and show "undisclosed recipients" instead of their email addresses. We do this because some studios want to show this information and some do not. If you'd like to display this information in the Note body, you can choose to display the "To", "CC", and "Tasks" fields in the email for Notes, which you can configure by going to Site Preferences > Email Layouts and User Defaults. Choose the email type to configure (Notes, Tickets, Deliveries, Tasks, Versions) and save your changes.

Notifications and permissions: People will never receive notifications related to projects they're not allowed to view, regardless of their personal notification settings. Disabled user accounts will also never receive email notifications.

Change your following settings

You can choose to follow items and people in Shotgun. The My Following Settings page will only show options for things you are already following. For example, at first you may only see options to follow Tasks.

My Following Settings

If you start to follow an Asset, you will see options for following Assets appear in your settings.

My Following Settings assets

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