Trash page (unretiring / undeleting things)

All Shotgun Administrators (users with Admin permissions) have access to Trash pages where you can "undelete" a deleted record. This functionality works for anything that is deleted from Shotgun via the API or the UI (Projects, Sequences, Shots, etc.).

Undeleting, unretiring, or reviving things

Select an entity type from the dropdown menu under Admin > Trash.


Select the entity or entities you would like to undelete. The page will list all retired entities in descending date order, one per row, along with some key attributes to help you narrow down your search:

  • Entity name (Project, Asset, Level, etc.)
  • Updated By
  • Date Updated

Trash page

Click on the Revive button. The selected entity or entities will immediately be available and will be removed from the list of entities in the Trash.

Note: Undeleting Projects will automatically undelete everything contained in that Project—Shots, Tasks, Notes, etc.—you won't have to do this one at a time.

Permanently deleting things

Note: Only fields can be permanently deleted.

To permanently delete a field, in the Admin menu under your profile picture, select Trash > Fields.

Trash field

You'll see your field in that list. Select it and either right click the field or click the button that says "Delete Forever."

Delete forever

Note: You will not be able to revive a permanently deleted field.

Check the box to delete these fields forever.

Delete field

If the field you are deleting is an entity or multi-entity, you will see a message about restarting your site. Restarting your site cleans up your schema so that you can reuse the field names you've deleted.

Server restart