Image Attachment Viewer

The Lightbox Viewer provides an easy way to quickly view annotations and attachments throughout Shotgun. With zoom and pan tools, you can focus in on the details of your feedback without having to jump into another application.


Zoom Tool

Enable by clicking on the icon or by pressing “Z”. Zoom in or out one level at a time per click or shift+click, or click-hold-drag-left or right, to quickly push in or out on your media quickly. To reset and fit media to your screen, press “R” or “F”. To see other power user keyboard shortcuts, press “/” or ?”.

You can enable the Zoom Tool quickly and regardless of what you have selected in the Timeline Toolbar via a keyboard shortcut. On OSX, press and hold Command and then drag left or right.

Pan Tool

The Pan Tool gives you the control to move your media anywhere within the Lightbox Viewer—this is particularly useful when you're zoomed in really tight on media. Just click+hold+drag to move the canvas.

Action Menu

The Action Menu provides quick access to downloading the annotation or attachment source file.


The Settings menu gives you control over default loading preferences and a keyboard shortcut cheat sheet.



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    Stijn Calis

    Nice feature!

    Is it possible to have this functionality on Files (images) that are linked to an Entity? For the moment it seems as this is only working on images that are in Attachment of a Note.


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    David Pelle


    This is a very nice viewer. It would also be nice to have it on Files or thumbnails? Is it planned ?


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    Johnny Duguid

    Hi Stijn and David,

    Glad you're digging the attachment viewer! At this time, it only supports attachments/annotations on Notes. I'd suggest dropping you ideas for further support across Shotgun into our Feature Request forum. Bonus points for explaining some more details about where/how you'd like to use this additional functionality.

    David - on the Thumbnail front and depending on if you have Versions connected to the entity in question, you can use our Smart Thumbnails feature to make the thumbnail playable (much like a thumbnail on a Version). Not sure if that'd cover your case. If not, drop a request in the  Feature Request forum so it gets into our request queue.



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    Bryan Walman

    I do have a question.  If my artist added more then one annotation to a shot they were reviewing.  Is there a way to download all attachments at once?  Or do I have to click on each one and download through Actions?  It is very time consuming to do it when there are lots of images.

    Thank you,


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    Bruno Sargeant

    I have created annotations on a shot and they are saved as notes attachment. When I reload the shot I'd like to see the pre-created annotations as an overlay ( on top of the image ). Is this possible ? 


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