Thumbnail Configuration

Users can define what thumbnail and version appears for Thumbnail fields via the “Thumbnail Based on Query” option in the Thumbnail field.

To enable query-based thumbnails on your Shotgun site, follow these easy steps:

  1. Right-click on the column header of the Thumbnail field you'd like to update and select “Configure Field.”
  2. Choose between the following two options* in the “Configure Field” dialog:
    • “Manual Thumbnail Upload.” Use this option if you want to upload thumbnails yourself. If there are any Versions linked to the record, you'll see a play button allowing you to play the latest Version.
    • “Thumbnail Based on Query.” Stop worrying about having to keep your thumbnails up-to-date manually. Use this option to automatically display a thumbnail based on a query defined by you. The first Version that matches your query will be displayed.
  3. Select “Thumbnail Based on Query.”
  4. Adjust the query settings for your needs and click on “Update Field.”

That's it! 

Note: If the query returns a Version with no thumbnail, no thumbnail will be displayed. To get around this, add the “Thumbnail is not empty” condition to your filter.

To learn more about other field types in Shotgun, read “Field Types.”

Note: For Admins, regarding permissions, since Smart Thumbnails are based on Versions, users will need permission to see Versions in order to see and use Smart Thumbnails. This is on by default, but if you need to adjust these settings, you can edit them via Permissions > Permission Group > Entity Permissions > Versions > See Checkbox.

Thumbnails on Tasks

*Task thumbnails have a third option: “Latest Associated Version or Note.” “Latest Associated Version or Note” displays either the latest Version’s thumbnail or the latest Note annotation thumbnail. If the Version and Note thumbnails have the same creation date, this option will display the Version thumbnail.

Thumbnail option

For new Shotgun sites, this is the default option.

Overriding the Smart Thumbnail version of a Shot

You can exclude certain Versions based on additional conditions you define in the filter that's driving the Smart Thumbnail. For example, set the status of the Versions you don’t want showing up to something like “n/a”, and then add another condition in your Smart Thumbnail to be "Status is not n/a." It will then ignore any Versions with that status when looking for the "right" one to display as the Thumbnail.

Image Source Entity

Thumbnails have a single entity field called Image Source entity. With the Image Source entity, you can quickly access the source of a thumbnail image. For example:

  • If you manually uploaded an image for Shot_001, then the Image Source entity for Shot_001 would be Shot_001.
  • If you enabled smart thumbnails, and the thumbnail from Shot_001 is derived from Version v001, then the Image Source entity for Shot_001 would be v001.
  • If you have an Anm (animation) Task that receives its thumbnail from a linked entity, Shot_002, then the Image Source entity for Anm would be Shot_002.
  • If you have a Note 1 that receives its thumbnail from an annotated frame on a Version, then the Image Source entity for Note 1 would be annot_version_6005.0.png (this is the attachment entity).

The Image Source entity field is system-owned and cannot be deleted.

Note: The Image Source entity can be retrieved via the API, though it cannot be set via the API. Additionally, the Image Source entity field does not support sorting, grouping, queries, or summaries.