Shotgun Review for iPhone: Security and best practices

Shotgun Review makes accessing media and staying connected your projects easier than ever before, but with great power comes great responsibility. We strongly recommend the following security best practices when using the app on your mobile device:

  • Enable a passcode or Touch ID on your iPhone. This isn't just a good idea when using Shotgun Review, but at all times. As an added bonus, enabling a passcode activates data encryption within Shotgun Review. It's quick, easy, and ensures that a nosy somebody can't access your device should you and your phone become separated. Setting a passcode on your iPhone is easy—just head to Settings > Passcode. (On newer iPhones with Touch ID, you'll see Touch ID & Passcode). For more details on setting a passcode, check out this handy walkthrough from Apple:
  • Enable Apple's Find My Phone ( feature on your iPhone. In the event that you become separated from your device, you'll be able to locate its position and wipe your data remotely. 
  • For clients requiring more control over devices accessing data via Shotgun Review, we recommend deploying a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution where you can explicitly tailor settings based on your studio's security needs.
  • Admins can control Shotgun Review access to their site via a Permission option. On a site with Shotgun v5.4.2 or higher, you can set this permission option by heading over to your Permissions Admin Page and then selecting Permission Group > App Permissions > Shotgun Review for Mobile > Can access media via Shotgun Review for Mobile. It'll look something like this:


We take your media's security very seriously and we build our apps with security in mind, but we can't—and shouldn't—control what users do on their personal devices. By following the above recommendations and best practices, you can help mitigate potential issues should a mobile device using Shotgun Review fall into the hands of an unauthorized person.