When you upload a movie or image file into the Uploaded Movie (sg_uploaded_movie) field on a Version, it will be automatically transcoded into the proper formats so that it can playback in our supported browsers. The transcoded formats are:

  • Video
  • Still images


Uploaded videos are transcoded into a streamable 1080p, H.264 format.

Still images

  • If the media is below 2K, then its current resolution is maintained.
  • If one of (or all) the dimensions is above 2K, we snap the larger dimension to 2048, the other is adjusted according to the ratio of the original media. For example, a 3648x2736 JPG is transcoded into a 2048x1536.

The transcoding happens in the background after the upload has finished. When transcoding is complete, you will see a play button on the thumbnail for the Version. Until the transcoding is finished, the Version will show up as having 'No Playable Media' in the Screening Room App and Overlay Player, indicated by a play button icon on the thumbnail.


If you try to play the media before it is transcoded, you will see a black screen with the words, "This version is currently being transcoded."

Transcoding media

Version with no playable media

Note: Since we are queuing up transcoding jobs for optimal performance, if the transcoding service is very busy your transcoding job may be delayed.

The transcoding service supports most common image and movie formats. For best results for movie files we recommend:

  • H.264-encoded MP4 files (using the High profile)
  • height of 1080 pixels (and whatever width needed for the proper aspect ratio)
  • yuv420 color space (with any LUTs baked in)

Do it yourself (DIY) transcoding

Another option is to do the transcoding yourself, and generate your own MP4 or WebM movies and still images for streaming. Details on how to do that are in the article "Do it yourself (DIY) transcoding."