How can I use the RV Submit Tool to upload media?

Submitting working to Shotgun is easy with the RV Submit Tool. First, double check the following settings to ensure a few key Site Preferences are enabled.

Shotgun Review

Whenever media is uploaded to a Version via the sg_uploaded_movie field, it will be transcoded automatically into WebM and MP4 formats and optimized for streaming. The transcoding preference is on by default, so you shouldn’t need to do anything here unless it has been specifically deactivated for some reason.

You also have the option to populate the sg_uploaded_movie field via the API using your own submission tools and media, or by using the "+" button to create a new Version in Shotgun. As long as the media you upload is supported by the transcoder, it will be automatically queued for transcoding as soon as it is uploaded.

Once a Version has media uploaded and transcoded, its thumbnail will be rendered with a “Play” icon in Shotgun, which can be used to launch the Version in the Overlay Player. From the Overlay Player it can be launched in RV as well.



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