Shotgun Review for iPhone: Using the app

Shotgun Review lets you access, review, and give feedback on all the Versions (media) you track in Shotgun.

Once you've installed the app and are all set up, you'll be able to:

  • Browse media and playlists in all your projects
  • Play back images and movies
  • Give feedback with comments, annotated frames, or camera images
  • See history on related versions and their notes


On the home page, you'll see all your active Projects

Note: if you don't see your project here, you may need an admin to unarchive it or give you access.



In a project, you'll see the following sections:

  • All Versions: These are all the playable Versions in the project (i.e., Versions with uploaded media)
  • My Versions: All of the Versions that you have uploaded.
  • Unviewed: Any Versions you haven't played in any of our review tools (including the Media app, Screening Room, or Shotgun Review)
  • All Playlists: All the Playlists in the project.
  • Recent: A list of playlists you recently accessed in any of our review tools
  • Favorites: Any playlist you've favorited from the Media page in the Project.



When you view a list of Versions, you'll see a thumbnail, Version name, who submitted it and when, and the name of its linked entity. A blue dot tells you if you've viewed the Version or not. You can use the search bar at the top to filter Versions by their name (e.g., type "comp" to see any Versions that includes "comp" in the name).

NOTE: Only Versions with uploaded media will appear here, so this may not be all of the Versions in the project.


All uploads will display a placeholder thumbnail image.


Manually refresh to display the thumbnail once it’s generated.

Playing a Version

Tapping a Version will play it full screen. You can pinch to zoom or pan with two fingers. We support playback in landscape or portrait orientations.


Notes and annotations

You can tap the Note icon to make a new note.


Tapping the top of the screen will let you continue playing the Version. You can top the pencil icon on the lower right of the screen to make an annotation on the current frame. Draw anywhere using your finger.


Press "Done" to attach the annotation as a frame to your note. Tap the camera icon to attach an image from your camera roll or take a picture and attach it to your note.


Press "Submit" to send the note to the person who created the Version, as well as anyone following the Version's linked entity. Notes get uploaded in the background so you can exit the Version right away.

Note: If you don't see your notes show up in Shotgun on the web right away, you may have lost internet connection while the note was sending. Open the app when you reconnect and the note will continue sending.

Viewing history and information

Tap the history icon to view a Version's history. Here you'll see:

  • Any notes on the current Version from most recent to older.
  • Any notes on related Versions. Most recent Versions appear at the top.
Note: You'll only see related Versions if the Version is linked to an entity, such as a Shot, Asset, etc.


Tap the info icon to view a Version's information. Here you'll see:

  • Artist: Who submitted the Version
  • Status: Statuses are useful give indicated where a Version is in the review process (e.g., "Pending Review", "Client Approved", etc.)
  • Description: Given by the artist when they submit the Version


A few notes on security

We take your media's security very seriously and we build our apps with security in mind, but we can't control what users do on their personal devices. It's strongly encouraged that everyone set a device passcode or—for studios requiring more control—deploy a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. Additionally, Admins can control Shotgun Review access to a site via a Permission Setting.