RV with easy Shotgun set up overview

Your Shotgun subscription now includes the RV Desktop Media Player for free. With RV’s powerful playback and compare tools and Shotgun’s Screening Room for RV, you can review your media with all your important project information at your fingertips.

Setting up is easy. Go to the Apps menu on your site and select RV Native Media Player, then download and install RV.

Apps menu

Once you launch RV, you’ll be asked for your Shotgun login details. After you log in, RV will be connected to your Shotgun site.

RV login

When using Shotgun authentication with RV, you also get access to either SG Review or Screening Room for RV integration featuring a streamlined Shotgun menu.

Shotgun review

With RV, you can also use the RV Submit Tool. Load your media in RV and submit it to your Shotgun site with a few clicks.

RV submit tool

RV submitted tool

If you are working with multiple vendors or clients, you can easily connect to other Shotgun sites. From the Shotgun menu in RV, select Shotgun Connection Details to initiate a new Shotgun site connection based on your site URL and login details.


1. Are there any special requirements?

AJA or Blackmagic hardware is required to use RV-SDI.

2. Can I still use a license file or server with RV?

Yes, if you have an active license from Tweak Software for RV, you can still use it with RV. If you use a license (or license server), you can’t take advantage of the automatic Shotgun Integration setup and configuration.

3. I’m not seeing the RV is Part of Shotgun login screen when I launch.

If you’ve used RV before, it’s possible that you still have an active license somewhere. To switch to Shotgun authentication, click File > License Manager in the RV menu. The RV is Part of Shotgun login screen should appear.

4. I don’t see Shotgun in the RV menu.

If you’ve activated RV with your Shotgun account, it’s possible that the packages didn’t finish getting enabled. Try restarting RV. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, head into RV’s Preferences > Packages and check that the Shotgun Integration and Screening Room for RV packages are installed and enabled. If not, do so and then restart RV. If the issue persists, please contact us.

5. My Shotgun menu in RV doesn’t look right.

If your menu doesn’t include the Screening Room Launch Browser and Launch Submit Tool options:

From RV, go to your RV menu > Preferences > Packages. Ensure that there is only one package each for:

  • Screening Room for RV
  • Shotgun Integration

Also, ensure that they are both checked for Installed and Loaded.

If you need to adjust, make the update, then close and re-open RV.

RV preferences

If you see a Shotgun and Screening Room in the RV menu: If you’ve previously used Shotgun Integration or Screening Room for RV, it’s possible that the old integration packages are lingering around. Head over to RV’s Preferences > Packages and check for old Shotgun Integration or Screening Room for RVpackages. If present, uninstall and then fully remove them by clicking the Remove Packages button.

6. On my Shotgun site, I don’t see the Play in RV, Compare in RV, or Play in Screening Room for RV options when I click on a Version or Playlist.

This is controlled by a preference on your Shotgun site. For most clients, it’s already enabled. If it’s not present for you, go to Site Preferences > Advanced in your Shotgun site and enable the “Enable RV Integration” setting.

7. I can see the Play in RV, Compare in RV, and Play in Screening Room for RV options when I click on a Version or Playlist, but I get a protocol handler error from my browser or OS when I click them. Why?

This is a OS and browser protocol handler issue. For more details, please see “RVLink URLs: RV as protocol handler”.

8. RV is taking a really long time to launch.

This can be caused by having used RV with a license server in the past and it is no longer present. To resolve, either restore the license server or switch over to Shotgun-based activation. To switch to Shotgun-based activation, allow RV to fully load, and then go to File > License Manager.

9. Can I still customize the shotgun_fields_config.mu file?

Absolutely. The shotgun_fields.config mu file is in the core Mu directory and renamed shotgun_fields_config_standard.mu. The reason for the new naming is to help out those of you who have previously edited the shotgun_fields_config.mu file. If that file is present, RV should pick it up during launch and bring along any of your customizations.

Note: If you’re only using the new Shotgun account-based activation, you should remove the Script Key values at the top of the file. This cuts down on confusion between how you’re connecting to Shotgun sites.

10. How do I make it so my Mac users can launch Versions in RV that have Windows paths, or vice versa?

The shotgun_fields_config_standard.mu file has sample code for just this purpose. See “Localizing media paths with RV_OS_PATH or RV_PATHSWAP” for more details.

11. Is Shotgun Integration checked by default in RV?

The Shotgun Integration is checked under “Installed”, but not under “Load”. Therefore it does not get loaded at startup.