RV with easy Shotgun setup overview

Your Shotgun subscription now includes the RV Desktop Media Player for free. With RV’s powerful playback and compare tools and Shotgun’s Screening Room for RV, review your local media with all your important project information at your fingertips. 



Setup’s a breeze - just head to the Apps menu on your site and select RV Native Media Player, download, and install RV.


Once you launch RV, you’ll be asked for your Shotgun login details. After logging in, we’ll take care of connecting RV to your Shotgun site.


When using Shotgun authentication with RV, you also get access to our Screening Room for RV integration featuring a streamlined Shotgun menu.


With RV, you can also use the Shotgun/RV Submit Tool. Load up your media in RV and submit it to your Shotgun site with a few clicks.

For those working with multiple vendors or clients, we’ve made it easier to connect to other Shotgun sites. From the Shotgun menu, select Shotgun Connection Details to initiate a new Shotgun site connection based on your site URL and login details.

And, finally, for those of you with Shotgun’s Super Awesome Support, RV-SDI is included with your subscription for your screening room review needs.


Common Questions & Troubleshooting

1- Are there any special requirements?

2- Wait...where’s the installer for Windows? After downloading and unzipping, I just see a bunch of files.

3- I’ve previously used RV with Shotgun Integration and/or Screening Room for RV, do I need to do anything special?

4- Can I still use a license file or server with RV 6?

5- Where can I download RV 6?

6- I’m not seeing the RV is Part of Shotgun login screen when I launch.

7- I don’t see Shotgun in the RV menu.

8- My Shotgun menu in RV doesn’t look right.

9- On my Shotgun site, I don’t see the Play in RV, Compare in RV, or Play in Screening Room for RV options when I click on a Version or Playlist.

10- I can see the Play in RV, Compare in RV, and Play in Screening Room for RV options when I click on a Version or Playlist, but I get a protocol handler error from my browser or OS when I click them. What's up with that?

11- RV is taking a really long time to launch.

12- My studio still runs py2.6 - do you have a build of RV based on that?

13- Can I still customize the shotgun_fields_config.mu file? 

14- How do I make it so my Mac users can launch Versions in RV that have Windows paths, or vise versa?

15- Is Shotgun Integration checked by default in RV?



  • 0
    Greg Punchatz

    Update - We can't get RV to launch from chrome on Windows. The MAc we are testing is working.

    What is the proper place to place the folder with the EXE we downloaded to get it to talk to RV?

  • 0
    James Cunningham

    Will this 64bit version of RV play Prores quicktime files? I am getting errors. Supposedly the 32bit version of RV will play prores but I cannot see a downloader for 32 bit version (not that I really want to cripple RV like this) 

  • 0
    James Cunningham

    Here is the error I get 

    <!--StartFragment-->ERROR: MovieFFMpeg: Unallowed codec 'prores_lgpl' in<!--EndFragment-->

  • 0
    Fidel Moreno Miranda

    Where can I redefine the default value of the Shotgun Url ?  ---> https://myStudio.shotgunstudio.com


    Thank you

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