Client Review Site overview for clients

The Client Review Site makes reviewing your vendor’s work easy with secure access to their work from anywhere. You can access their work on the desktop or while on the go with your mobile device. When you make a note on the Client Review Site, it is sent directly to your vendor along with any annotations you made.

When you receive a shared Playlist invitation email, click on the “View Playlist” link to access your vendor’s work. Depending on your vendor’s preferences, you may be asked to set up a password with your first login. This password will apply to any Playlist shared with you from your vendor's Shotgun site, should they enable password authentication.

Client Review Site login

Once you’ve logged in to the Client Review Site, you can start playing a clip by clicking on the play icon in the timeline toolbar. You can navigate to another Version by selecting it in the row of thumbnails.

Client Review Site notes

Below the player, you’ll see the timeline toolbar, which includes:

  • a scrubbable timeline,
  • play/pause controls,
  • frame count,
  • annotation tools,
  • zoom tools,
  • pan tools,
  • audio mute,
  • full screen toggle,
  • and player settings.

Below that is information related to the version currently loaded into the player, including the reason for review field and download source file link.

The reason for review field is where your vendor added a note to set the context of what you’re reviewing. To the right, the download source file link (if enabled by your vendor) allows you to click on the link to download the source media file of the current take.

Client Review Site download

You can provide your vendor with feedback by entering written notes and annotations. To submit a note, click in the note text box below the player and type your message. To add an annotation, click on the annotation icon in the timeline toolbar and begin drawing directly on the frame. To add an attachment, drag and drop the file(s) onto the note area. They will be automatically uploaded. When you're done commenting, click the Comment button. Your notes, annotations, and attachments will be sent to your vendor.

Client Review Site reply

Click Approve to approve the Version. You can add additional comments, though You don't have to add it’s not required. If you accidentally approve a Version, you can change it back by clicking the Unapprove button.

In addition to creating notes, you can also reply to previously made notes to continue the conversation about that specific area of feedback. To reply, click on the Reply button. Replies behave similarly to notes and support written text and attachments.

Client Review Site approve

Everyone on a playlist will receive an email notification whenever a playlist is shared, a new note or reply is made, a Version is approved, or new media is added to a playlist. This helps keep everyone up to date on feedback or whenever new work is available.

Client Review Site share playlist

Client Review Site new comment

If you’re receiving too many email notifications, you can control which updates you receive by clicking the Email Preferences option under the Signed in as… button.

Client Review Site email preferences

If you need additional help with your shared playlist or have any questions, click on the timeline toolbar gear icon and then select the Visit our Support Site option.

Client Review Site for Shotgun users

For more information on how to use the Client Review Site from the Shotgun user perspective, read the overview for Shotgun users.