Review & Approval Overview

Q: How do I create a Version?

A: You can create Versions via drag & drop in the Media app, or you can use the Submit Tool in Screening Room for RV. Read more about Version creation here.

Q: Where is my media stored?

A: If you upload your media, it is automatically transcoded and stored on Shotgun's Amazon S3 servers. If you use the Submit Tool in Screening Room for RV, Shotgun records the paths to your files (wherever they are when you submit them) in the "Path to Frames" and/or "Path to Movie" fields on the Version, and Screening Room for RV plays your media from that location on your local machine or network storage.

Q: What kind of media does Screening Room support?

A: QuickTime Movies, PDF files, JPG's, GIF's, and PNG's, among others. Screening Room for RV will work with any format supported by RV, including image sequences and high-res frames (see the RV tech specs on Tweak's site for more details).

Q: As a Supervisor, can I get notified whenever one of my Artists submits a new Version for review?

A: Yes you can! Simply browse to a People page in Shotgun, select your Artists, and choose "Follow" from the right-click menu, or via the Follow button on the Person's detail page. Following people gives you notifications when they submit new Versions, or perform other actions based on your follow settings.

Additionally, if using the RV Submit Tool, you can Notify people or groups when submitting a Version. This will send a note to those user's Shotgun Inbox.

Q: Can I make a Playlist of Shots or Assets?

A: Playlists only support Versions, but this is by design. The workflow we recommend is to create a Version to represent any review submission (even if it is not viewable in Screening Room). If you are reviewing something like a Maya file, you can add a link to it in a custom field, or one of the built in link fields. It helps to have a Version to track exactly what file was reviewed, and any Notes from the review session. Versions are supported by Screening Room, Review Notes and are key to much of the Pipeline Toolkit integration, so keeping Versions as a central part of your review workflow will give you more flexibility in the long run.

Q: Where can I find the latest Screening Room for RV package?

A: As of Shotgun and RV 6.0, new Screening Room for RV packages are included with RV. (If you're using a pre-6.0 release of Shotgun or RV, you'll find legacy info and packages on this page.)

Q: How can I review work with my clients?

A: You can share your work securely and with one-click to your clients via the Client Review Site. Your clients can review on their desktop or on their mobile device. All this is included free with your Shotgun subscription. For full details about the Client Review Site, check out the documentation here. For internal reviews with Supervisors who are never at their desk, you can also make use of the Shotgun Review iPhone app, available for free in the App Store. Find out more about how Shotgun Review works in the documentation here.



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