Using flags in Screening Room

The flagged field on the Version entity is a subtle feature that can be used in a variety of ways within Screening Room. Fundamentally, the field is a checkbox which can be toggled on and off. Let's look at a couple of different ways in which it can be used.

Flag original plates for quick comparison

In dailies your VFX supervisor regularly wants to compare the current FX work to the original plate. No problem! You've gone in ahead of time and flagged the original Version plate for each Shot. This can be accomplished in either Shotgun by exposing the flagged field on a Version page or within Screening Room by right clicking the Version in the Canvas Timeline and clicking "Flag Selected."

Flagged in Shotgun
Flagging via the field within Shotgun
Flagged in Screening Room
Flagging via right-click menu within the Canvas Timeline in Screening Room

Now that all the Versions are flagged, you're ready to begin your review in Screening Room for RV. No matter where you navigate to within your project hierarchy, you can easily access a flagged Version linked to the same Shot (or Asset) which you are currently viewing. The shortcut keys are Option+Shift+Up/Down arrow keys for Mac, and Alt+Shift+Up/Down arrow keys for Windows. This will load the next/previous flagged Version (in the event you have more than one) and the original source Version. Watch the video below to see this in action.

Hierarchical review sessions

In another article we go in depth with a number of different review cases utilizing Screening Room. One example relies on the flagged field to simplify multiple dailies sessions which are reliant on one another.