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last updated 8-Aug-2013


We all know what a hassle it can be to get ready for dailies each day. You check to see which Versions are new, organize them into playlists, go down to the screening room, and make sure the media is there. In this article we'll go over some techniques to make this process less painful for everyone. Examples include a regular dailies session, a Director or Supervisor screening, and even a last minute ad hoc trailer review. Let's start off with the core concept we'll be working with, Smart Playlists.

What is a "Smart Playlist?"

A Smart Playlist is essentially a Version page which you configure with specific filters. These can be used to easily, and dynamically, create lists of content which need to be reviewed within Shotgun or Screening Room, without the need to manually create a Playlist. Here are a few examples to get you started building your own.


Many studios have regularly scheduled sessions to review work submitted for feedback over the previous 24 hours. Lets build a smart playlist which displays all Versions created over the past 24 hours which are still pending review.

Step 1: In your project, create a new Page of type Version.



Step 2: Create a new Page Filter as seen in the image below.

If needed, you can customize the filter further by adding filters for a specific department.



Step 3: This will produce a Page of Versions matching your query.

In this example we see my new dailies page is showing two Versions which are pending review and were created in the last 24 hours.

Smart Playlist: Dailies Page


Step 4: After launching Screening Room, use the Column Browser to navigate to your Project, then select the Version Pages entry.

This will list all Version pages which exist for your Project.



Step 5: Select the newly created Dailies Smart Playlist.

Now each dailies you can simply navigate to this Smart Playlist and it will always show the last days worth of work for review.

Smart Playlist Selected in Screening Room


Client, Director, or Supervisor Reviews

Making additional Smart Playlists follows the same formula outlined above, you need only create new filters to suit your needs. Lets take a look at an example scenario:

Each morning three different coordinators have dailies reviews with their DFX supervisors. There is a second dailies session afterward where "selects" from the first dailies sessions are reviewed with the VFX supe and DP. The coordinators need an easy way to collate all their selects into one place so the second review can start immediately after the first ends. Smart Playlists to the rescue!

The coordinators have decided to use the "Flag" field on Versions. During a review they can right click the Version in the Canvas Timeline and select, "Flag Selected."

Flag Selected


They build a Versions page with the following query:



When the second dailies session starts, they need only navigate to this new Smart Playlist page and press play. At the end of the review they can clear out the flags and repeat the process the next day.

This is just one example, there can be many ways to flag a Version for a particular review be it the flagged field, tags, or a status.



The Producer just came to you and asked you to bring up every final shot that contains a particular character so they can evaluate what options they have for a trailer. The review needs to start in 5 minutes. Don't panic! Let's build a Version page we can quickly pull up in Screening Room.

We need a Version page that filters for all Shots whose status is final and contains the character in question (the example below is "Anders"). We'll further tune our results by filtering for Versions which have a status of final.


Whew, just in time! Open up that page in Screening Room and bask in the glow of your awesome Shotgun skills.

Do you have a workflow that saves you time and stress?  Comment below and share it with the world!


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