Screening Room for RV preferences

Screening Room for RV Preferences

Screening Room for RV has a few preferences to improve playback performance:

  • Update Frequency When Playing: These settings control how the timeline and details panes update when media is playing in RV. The default value is Always.
    • Always: The timeline and details panes will always update to be in sync with the media that is currently playing. This means that the progress bars in the timeline will update as RV moves through frames and the details pane will refresh when you move from one version to the next.
    • Sources Under 2K: The timeline and details panes will update as long as the sources are under 2K (both dimensions are under 2048 pixels). If there is a source larger than this size the timeline will stop updating and will display a warning. The details pane will be automatically pinned. When playback is paused, the timeline and details panes will update to reflect the current source.
    • Sources Under 1K: Just like the above. The timeline and details panes will update as long as the sources are under 1K (both dimensions under 1024 pixels).
    • Never: The timeline and details panes will never update when media is playing.
  • Always Pin Detail Pane When Playing: Updating the detail pane is more intensive than updating the timeline. This option will allow you to pin the details pane automatically whenever playing media in RV. With this option enabled and the Update Frequency When Playing option set to Always you can keep the timeline updating continuously but lock the details pane, which is more likely to affect performance.
  • Print debug info: This option is useful if you are having any sort of issues with Screening Room for RV. This will add some error details to the RV console to help you or the Shotgun Support staff better determine the source of the problem.

Permissions and preferences

You can access the Screening Room preferences via the Manage Apps page.

Manage apps

Click on the Screening Room bar, and switch to the "Configure" tab.

Screening Room preferences

The "Configure" tab includes permissions settings for who can access the Screening Room App. Check all the permission groups that should have access to Screening Room. Uncheck a group to deny access.

The Screening Room preferences include a number of options that can be turned on or off:

  • Generate thumbnails from the RV Submit Tool (enabled by default): With this preference enabled, the Screening Room for RV Submit Tool will create both a static thumbnail, taken from the middle frame of the clip, and a filmstrip thumbnail, a scrubbable representation of the action in the Version. These thumbnails will be visible in both Shotgun and Screening Room.
  • Generate Shotgun friendly media formats from the RV Submit Tool (enabled by default): This option creates a QuickTime file if you are submitting a sequence of frames using the RV Submit Tool.
  • Upload media submitted through the RV Submit Tool (disabled by default): The media is uploaded to the Shotgun server by the RV Submit Tool, where it is automatically transcoded to a web-streamable format and made available for review using the Screening Room App or the Overlay Player. Note that you must either be submitting a QuickTime, or have the “Generate QuickTime” preference enabled, in order for a movie to be uploaded.

RV Submit Tool

Submitting work to Shotgun is easy with the RV Submit Tool. First, double check the following settings to ensure a few key Site Preferences are enabled.


Whenever media is uploaded to a Version via the sg_uploaded_movie field, it will be transcoded automatically into WebM and MP4 formats and optimized for streaming. The transcoding preference is on by default, so you shouldn’t need to do anything here unless it has been specifically deactivated for some reason.

You also have the option to populate the sg_uploaded_movie field via the API using your own submission tools and media, or by using the "+" button to create a new Version in Shotgun. As long as the media you upload is supported by the transcoder, it will be automatically queued for transcoding as soon as it is uploaded.

Once a Version has media uploaded and transcoded, its thumbnail will be rendered with a “Play” icon in Shotgun, which can be used to launch the Version in the Overlay Player. From the Overlay Player it can be launched in RV as well.