Screening Room for RV installation guide

Last Updated 29-April-2015 

This just got a lot easier with Shotgun 6 and RV 6...

With Shotugn 6, you now get RV 6 free with your Shotgun subscription. We've also made installation and setup much easier. To get started, just download RV from your Shotgun site's Apps menu. For more information on getting setup with Screening Room for RV and Shotgun Integration, head over here

What do I need?

To use Screening Room for RV, you should have RV installed and working at your studio.  Better yet, we’re hoping you already have the RV Shotgun integration package installed and working.  To use the Screening Room App in Shotgun, you don't need to install any additional software or components.  Just start uploading media and go to town!  (More on that later.)

The Shotgun version on your server must be Screening Room-capable. The minimum Shotgun version supported by Screening Room is 4.1.  You can activate Screening Room within Shotgun in the Manage Apps menu.  This will make all the features of Screening Room available to you, including the Screening Room App, and Screening Room for RV if you have a licensed copy of RV.  This will also activate Screening Room-enabled thumbnails, overlaying a ‘Play’ icon on Version thumbnails (in supported browsers only) once you have uploaded media that has been transcoded for web playback.

Here’s the stuff you’ll need for Screening Room for RV:

 Current Supported Version  Date Released

 Shotgun 5.4

 Dec 6, 2014

 RV 4.2.2/4.0.12

 Screening Room for RV Package 1.61  Dec 6, 2014

(You can find the full Screening Room for RV package release history here.)

You can find the latest RV downloads here.  Make sure you install the rvlink:// protocol handler, as it is used in the communication between Shotgun and RV.  More on that in the RV documentation.

The Screening Room plug-in to RV is implemented as an RV package, and it works in conjunction with the Shotgun Integration package that ships with RV.  This means you will need two RV packages for Screening Room for RV to function properly.


We also have a small API that can be used to launch Screening Room from your tools. These files can be downloaded using the links in the table below:

 Shotgun Integration Package (included in RV)  v1.63
 Screening Room API  v0.3

Ensure that the Shotgun Integration package is installed and enabled.  If you haven't set up the Shotgun/RV Integration package, you'll need to start with that.  Here is some documentation to help with that process:

Shotgun/RV Integration Setup

Once the integration package is set up, you can install and enable the Screening Room for RV package.  Here is what your Packages area in the RV preference panel should look like when both packages are installed:

RV Preferences

The Shotgun Integration package must also be properly configured to work with your Shotgun site or sites.  Again, configuration instructions can be found here: Shotgun/RV Integration Setup

Install the Screening Room RV package. You can do this from the "Packages" tab inside of the RV Preferences window. If you have previously installed an older version of the Screening Room for RV package be sure to uninstall it by selecting it in the package list, unchecking "Load" and "Installed", and then clicking the "Remove Package" button. Next, click on "Add Packages...". Navigate to the Screening Room package file, which should be called something like screening_room-X.XX.rvpkg and click “Open”.

When installing the Screening Room for RV package, you may be prompted to “Choose Package Installation Location,” and presented with a few options as to where to place the package file.  On Windows it may look something like this:

C:/Program Files (x86)/Tweak/RV-3.12.14-32/plugins/Packages

...and on a Mac:

/Users/(username)/Library/Application Support/RV/Packages
/Library/Application Support/RV/Packages

...and on Linux:

Ideally any of the available locations should work for anyone on any platform. The first choice in the Windows options will be shared by any other RV installs. This is commonly used to give package access to both the 32 & 64 bit versions of RV when they are installed on the same machine. Whereas the second option will limit the access to the package to one particular version of RV, but will be available for all logins if the machine is shared by multiple users.  Choose a location based on your preference to complete the installation.

Now when you launch RV, you will see a new menu called “Screening Room” with a number of options, such as “Launch Browser” and “Launch Submit Tool.”  This means you have successfully installed Screening Room.  Congratulations!  Continue through this document to see how to complete the configuration and begin using the new review features you now have access to.

Note: To be able to view a Version in Screening Room for RV, it must have one or both of the "sg_path_to_movie" and "sg_path_to_frames" fields populated with an absolute path to the media on your file system. Those paths must be accessible by any machine running Screening Room.

Note for Developers:  If you wish to use the Screening Room API to launch the Screening Room browser or submit tool from your own applications, it needs to be installed somewhere on the PYTHONPATH.


Getting started with the Screening Room App

For a walk through of how to get up and running with using the Screening Room App and the Overlay Player, check out the User Guide here:

The Screening Room App »»

Using the Screening Room for RV Submit Tool to upload media

In order to use Screening Room for RV's Submit Tool to upload streamable media for the Screening Room App and the Overlay Player, you will just need to make sure a few key preferences are enabled.

Screening Room Preferences

Screening Room Preferences panel from Shotgun “Site Preferences” Page

Whenever a QuickTime movie is uploaded to a Version via the sg_uploaded_movie field, it will be transcoded automatically into webm and mp4 formats and optimized for streaming.  The transcoding preference is on by default, so you shouldn’t need to do anything here unless it has been specifically deactivated for some reason.

The other preference here that will help you with populating Shotgun with media for Screening Room and the Overlay Player is “Upload QuickTime movies when they are submitted through or generated by the Screening Room for RV Submit Tool.”  This will allow you to use the Submit Tool to load up Shotgun with web-friendly media for streaming.  Note that you must either be submitting a QuickTime movie, or have the pref enabled to “Generate QuickTime movies from the Screening Room for RV Submit Tool,” as the transcoder requires a QuickTime movie as input to produce the streaming media files.

Of course you also have the option to populate the sg_uploaded_movie field via the API using your own submission tools and media, or by using the "+" button to create a new Version in Shotgun or the Screening Room App.  As long as the QuickTime you upload is supported by the transcoder (see the “Transcoder” section in these docs for requirements), it will be automatically queued for transcoding as soon as it is uploaded.

Once a Version has media uploaded and transcoded, its thumbnail will be rendered with a “Play” icon in Shotgun, which can be used to launch the Version in the Overlay Player.  From there it can be launched in the Screening Room App or Screening Room for RV as well.


Updating the RV-Shotgun integration package

To make use of the flagging feature described below, the RV-Shotgun Integration package needs to be made aware of the "Flagged" field that we’ve added to the Version entity.

Open your shotgun_fields_config_*.mu file in a text editor. If you’re having problems locating your config file, refer to this page for some hints.

Find the section that looks like this:

 /* -----------------------------------------*/
 /* -----------------------------------------*/
 // name                 prettyName              fieldName               fieldType       entityType      compute
 ("name",                "Name",                 "code",                 "text",         "Version",      false),
 ("description",         "Description",          "description",          "text",         "Version",      false),
 ("created",             "Created",              "created_at",           "date_time",    "Version",      false),
 ("status",              "Status",               "sg_status_list",       "status_list",  "Version",      false),
 ("shotStatus",          "Shot Status",          "sg_status_list",       "status_list",  "Shot",         false),
 ("assetStatus",         "Asset Status",         "sg_status_list",       "status_list",  "Asset",        false),
 ("department",          "Department",           "sg_department",        "text",         "Version",      false),
 ("flagged",             "Flagged",              "flagged",              "checkbox",     "Version",      false)

The bold line above is what needs to be added in order for the flagging feature to work properly. Don't forget to add the comma on the preceding line!

Save this file and you’re done!


New to Screening Room?  Check out our User Guide chapters for Review & Approval.



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