Review Notes

The Review Notes app is for taking notes quickly during review session. It allows you to create Notes on Versions, pull up related information about the thing that’s being reviewed, and distribute those notes to the studio when the review ends.

Launching Review Notes

Step 1: From the Apps menu, select Review Notes.

Review Notes menu

Step 2: In the new tab that opens, choose a Project, and then a Playlist that you want to open.

Open Playlist

Step 3: Take Notes.

Notes save in the background, so don’t worry about losing them!

The left pane

The left pane is where you’ll enter all of your Notes on each Version. Each text box represents a Note you’re taking on the Version. Hover over the image below for more detailed explanations of what you can do in the left pane.

Custom Note field layouts

You can save fields which are exposed in the left pane. For example, you can add “status” as a field to the Note. Choose “Status” under “More fields…”, and a yellow banner will appear at the top of the Note, giving you the option to save the layout or revert. When you save, the changes you made to the layout will affect all users of the app (e.g., anyone using Review Notes will see “status” as one of the Note fields).


Add notes to multiple Versions

You can also add Notes to send to multiple Versions at once. Select one or more Versions and then right click anywhere in the left pane (that is not on a field). Choose “Create New Note.”

New Note

This will launch a New Note window that will display the selected Versions and the Tasks associated with those Versions. You can add or remove selected Versions in the Links box, and you can choose to either send one Note to all selected Versions, or send duplicate Notes, with each Note linked to a selected Version.

New Note form

After you create a Note, you will be able to see the Note on its respective detail page (Versions, Shots, Tasks, Playlist).

The right pane

The right pane is where you’ll see all the information related to the Version and the thing you’re reviewing (a Shot, Asset, etc). The idea is that the person taking notes during a review session is equipped to answer any question that comes up during the review, whether that’s about a previous Version, Note, or the schedule. Hover over the image below for more detailed explanations of what you can do in the right pane.

Review Notes layouts

Using the gear icon, you can save and share customized layouts for you and the rest of your studio.

Custom layout

Each time you change the layout, you’ll have the option to “Save Changes to Current Layout” or “Save As New Layout”. This list is shared across the studio, so you may want to make a few different types of layouts for different types of reviews and departments using Review Notes.

Preview and publish

Once you finish taking your Notes, highlight the notes you would like to send, and then click “Preview and Publish”. You can choose to send your selected Notes or all Notes in the playlist.

Send notes

You will then see a new window with your selected Notes. Here you can specify fields and generate a summary email. To create a summary email, check the box and fill in the form to send one email to people, groups, or external email addresses. If you send your Notes out to clients after a review, this is going to save you tons of time.

Once you click “Send Notes,” Shotgun will create the Notes and email anyone they're addressed to.

Send selected notes

After you publish your Notes, you will see confirmation that they were sent. You can then choose to go to the Playlist detail page or view a new page with the imported data.

Import successful

If you chose to send a summary email, you will also have the option to view the email you just sent.

Keyboard shortcuts

The Review Notes app has keyboard shortcuts, for anyone who wants to be a power user. To access the list of keyboard shortcuts, either click the link at the bottom of the right pane or press + <?> on Mac or + <?> on Windows.

Keyboard shortcuts