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Screening Room for RV

Here are some docs relating to Screening Room, Shotgun's built-in Review & Approval tool that integrates with RV.

Screening Room for RV Installation Guide

Screening Room Documentation Index


NOTE: This rest of this article describes the initial Shotgun / RV Integration that preceded the advent of Screening Room, which integrates with RV in a more holistic manner. The Screening Room info here is the most relevant and up-to-date, but feel free to review the original integration details below for more background on the underlying platform.

The Shotgun+RV integration makes it super easy to find and play media in RV right from Shotgun.  And once you are in RV, you now have access to a new tool-set that lets you modify the playback based on information in Shotgun, or deep link right into Shotgun to take Notes or view more information.  A "Shotgun-aware" URL from RV let's you send around links that will launch people right into RV to view the work.  There are even more features available when you use Shotgun's built-in Review & Approval tool, called Screening Room, with RV.  See more information about Screening Room here.

Here is a quick tour of the features in the v1 release:


This feature is available to use with Shotgun's Studio or Partner Editions only and RV customers at no extra cost (Shotgun 1.12+ and RV 3.8+).  The information below will guide you through the setup and configuration.  Anyone (including non-clients) can see this feature in action on our new demo site.   Check out the "Shotgun+RV demo site" info below for details.


Install RV for Shotgun

RV is a high-end playback tool that can handle frames, movies, etc - and supports Mac, Windows, and Linux. To install it for Shotgun integration - even if you only plan to view the Shotgun+RV demo - you'll first need to go through a basic installation process.
Click here for the RV installation guide


Shotgun+RV configuration guide

Existing Shotgun clients who have RV installed, and would like to get RV configured to work with their own Shotgun site should consult the Shotgun+RV configuration guide. Disclosure - this guide is a little technical, and requires a bit of configuration.
Click here for the configuration guide


Shotgun+RV user guide

This guide shows you how to use RV with Shotgun for things like viewing your Versions, taking notes during reviews, and also describes many of the Shotgun-specific menu-items and features inside of RV.
Click here for the user guide



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